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  1. Molly Mae: no. Your system for selecting letters is flawed. There is another.
  2. Yep... because you were last on the list.
  3. Thanks! This was quite fun. Aw thanks! I think Mike and I worked really well together, in the BTSC and in the main thread.
  4. It was 10:12 a.m. and some seconds. We don't have the equipment (or the need) to know much more accurately then that. Yes. It's called "now." Do you want a practical numerical way of describing "now"? It's 10:12 a.m. Or do you want an exact down to the split-nano-second way of describing "now"? Then why? Your argument is like saying, "Can you measure a split trillionth of a millimeter? No? Then there is no distance, just stuff behind me!" Only because a new moment is "now." If the millisecond moment didn't move to the past, time would not be moving. Your argument is like saying as you drive on the highway, "That last mile marker was here and then gone. Every mile marker will just pass right by. There must be no road in front of me!" So something that will happen but hasn't happened yet... is in the past? No. Well okay, yes, whatever happens always goes into the past (according to our human perception). But that's just a fact about what time is.
  5. I figured as much, Superprismatic, and don't mind at all. In fact, I appreciate you keeping this puzzle alive by getting the first part completed! And yes, Molly Mae or some other such left (or right?) brained person should be able to pick it up from here.
  6. Again, a mention of "beauty." Also remember the room is a perfect circle and has a metallic sphere in the middle. The walls are a sky-blue-like cornflower blue. The ceiling: a metallic dome. Hmm.
  7. No it wasn't a Freudian slip. I was saying whichever of you (EDM or mboon) is the other goodie. I wonder why you aren't skeptical of marksmanjay? He voted to lynch Brainy, and he never gave a reason for it when you questioned him. And still he doesn't answer when I question him. So personally, I know that marksmanjay is a baddie with MikeD. And it's fake-mafia-nighttime, so I'm fake-going-to-bed. And I'm fake-locking-my-doors in hopes that I don't get NK'd. (Though, ironically, I think I'm safe because you all want to lynch me).
  8. I couldn't lynch those goodies on my own. I made a mistake in, well, not in trusting Mike, but distrusting Cube. Same for D2 with Brainy. I couldn't trust anyone. Now I can trust Brainy. MikeD and marksmanjay are baddies. Brainy and I are goodies. You, me, or EDM will be targeted for NK tonight. Hopefully if you or EDM (or me) is Lucy, you/I will choose the right person to save.
  9. Here, I'll help out. SuperPrismatic solved the window-card part of the puzzle.
  10. And now he's trying to get the vote off of MikeD AGAIN!
  11. I don't see how ANYTHING points to me. lol. Can you show me?
  12. psykomakia


    BASIN If 2, then ???IN because B-S is the only change from BASIS.
  13. nonononoo. Okay. marksmanjay could easily have acted in BTSC without acting/confirming/even voting! in the main thread to throw us off. And to further throw us off, they blocked him N2. He also voted to lynch Brainy!! And he never answered mboon as to why. Why did you vote for Brainy, marksmanjay?
  14. (1) I didn't want you to win the game as the indy. (2) I was reading your and my conversation from D2 over and over, and was convinced you were a baddie. (3) Clearly I was wrong. Maybe you should block me. That way, the other baddie won't be blocked by you and can RID Mike or save him/herself (depending if s/he is Lucy or Peter). Even better, block a baddie!!
  15. Dude. He's a baddie. We get it. I SAID I WAS SORRY! lol
  16. And yet she used a hexcode in another previous puzzle, so the quoted clue probably had more to do with that specific puzzle than all of them.
  17. Okay, say we have Peter left. If he RID kills MikeD as WW, he'll either be dead, or not the WW. If Brainy blocks a different baddie, then if that baddie is the WW, they won't get to NK us tonight. So we either get rid of MikeD the WW, or we at least block the NK, hopefully. Let's do this!
  18. No. I messed up. This game is hard. Sorry bro.
  19. Okay but at least TRY!! Lol we're nowhere now. You should have RID'd him and either a) you're SUCCESSFUL AND THE WW IS GONE!! or b) you try again tonight as a different baddie. This way, you just buy the baddies another NK. (Because you're a baddie!!)
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