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  1. It must have something to do with carving/cutting meat?
  2. MM got it in post #2. In working out the puzzle, 0 vanished from #2's possibilities in an earlier form of the rules and I must have forgotten to return it. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. I'm not quite sure that this "style" of puzzle belongs here or in the math/logic forum. It's sort of both. Anyway, the puzzle is simply the following image. Good luck! And again, if you like this, please check out my current KickStarter campaign here.
  4. Here's an easy-ish one... This combination lock uses digits 0-9 -[?]-[?]-[?]-[?]- 1. The first digit is a prime number. 2. The second digit is not a factor of 12. 3. The third digit is greater than the second digit. 4. The fourth digit is one greater than another digit. 5. There is exactly one odd digit. 6. No two digits are the same. What is twice the sum of the digits?
  5. Thanks. And thanks to those that have completed the survey so far.
  6. [great work gentlemen. I was using elements, too, but couldn't get anything to fit.] Okay, so pulling these together we enter into the keypad..... ?? Perhaps the number of elements in each: 334453
  7. following suit... "confirming."
  8. No one wants to work on a manual puzzle? Heh.
  9. That's.... interesting. I swear I did exactly that and got a string of random letters. Maybe I forgot how to count?
  10. psykomakia

    Newbie Mafia

    psykomakia - it's a (misspelled) word that means the psychological battle for the soul between good and evil, as often depicted by a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. and I'm in the central time zone.
  11. Awesome! Good work. (Though the puzzle is flawed if you got the answer before the logic.)
  12. The answer is: you wouldn't. Until you climbed back out. Which is why it doesn't matter if
  13. psykomakia

    Newbie Mafia

    I'm interested, but where are the rules? Like, "block," "NK," "RID," etc.
  14. One of the agents here is the squad captain. Did you get the memo? Good. Your test, new agents, is to figure out which one.
  15. /new recruit says, "Hey, which one of you in this joint is the captain?"
  16. Thank you so much to whoever from BrainDen backed my oh! mega-puzzle book! (see links in puzzle for details). I don't know who, but I thank you.
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