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  1. A, C, D are on the same stage, which is louder, AC/DC?
  2. psykomakia

    Newbie Mafia

    1. 2. 3. 4. gvg 5. psykomakia 6. 7. 8. Brainiac100 9. 10. backup 1. 2. 3. mentors 1. Thal 2. 3.
  3. psykomakia

    Knock Out

    Packers ++ Vikings -- Bucs - [Knock Out!] Carolina Panthers - 20 Atlanta Falcons - 19 New Orleans Saints - 16 Seattle Seahawks - 16 Dallas Cowboys - 16 Green Bay Packers - 16 Washington Redskins - 15 Detroit Lions - 15 New York Giants - 15 St. Louis Rams - 15 San Francisco 49ers - 15 Chicago Bears - 15 Arizona Cardinals - 14 Philadelphia Eagles - 11 Minnesota Vikings - 5 Knocked Out 16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  4. psykomakia

    Knock Out

    It's supposed to take a few days. It speeds up in Phase Two.
  5. I'll mark this solved, but for those still working on it, I will only link to the solution without posting it.
  6. Yessirree you've done it. Well done.
  7. psykomakia

    Knock Out

    That's perfect logic! Thanks for playing. (But you missed TripleOption's votes, so I'm updating the list...) NFC TEAMS Atlanta Falcons - 18 Carolina Panthers - 18 Green Bay Packers - 17 Washington Redskins - 17 Seattle Seahawks - 16 Arizona Cardinals - 15 Chicago Bears - 15 Detroit Lions - 15 New Orleans Saints - 15 New York Giants - 15 Philadelphia Eagles - 15 St. Louis Rams - 15 San Francisco 49ers - 15 Dallas Cowboys - 14 Minnesota Vikings - 9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 7
  8. psykomakia

    Knock Out

    Whoops, you forgot my initial ballot (though looking at my wording, I can see why you didn't use it). Fixing the list and voting... Packers ++ Vikings -- Bucs -- NFC TEAMS Green Bay Packers - 19 Washington Redskins - 17 Atlanta Falcons - 16 Carolina Panthers - 16 Arizona Cardinals - 15 Chicago Bears - 15 Detroit Lions - 15 New Orleans Saints - 15 New York Giants - 15 Philadelphia Eagles - 15 St. Louis Rams - 15 San Francisco 49ers - 15 Seattle Seahawks - 15 Dallas Cowboys - 14 Minnesota Vikings - 11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 9
  9. Heh nice one. And if that doesn't help you out, folks, I'll post a slightly stronger hint...
  10. psykomakia

    Knock Out

    Here are the rules for playing Knock Out. 1. A Knock Out List is presented for a ranking battle (examples: superheroes, movie trilogies, breakfast cereals, etc.). 1a. To avoid confusion, the Knock Out List presenter may choose to add an additional objective; for example, posting the topic "NFL TEAMS" could mean favorite team, best mascot, best coaching staff, etc. (examples: best superpower, worst third movie, best cartoon mascot, etc.) 2. List entries begin with 15 points. 3. Anyone may vote, but you are limited to one ballot per 24 hour period (note: if you vote at 11:59 PM your time, yes, you may vote again at 12:01 AM your time). 4. A ballot may include up to three votes according to these rules: 3a. During Phase One, votes may be one (+) or two plus (++) or one (-) or two minus (--). 3b. During Phase Two, votes may be one plus (+) or one (-) or two minus (--). 3c. Phase Two begins when half of the list entries have been knocked out (for example, if there are 15 entries, Phase Two begins when the eighth entry is knocked out). 5. When an entry loses all points (ending with zero or negative points), it is Knocked Out and moved out of the battling list and into the ranking list. 6. Knock Out rounds continue until there is a single entry left and a final ranking is available. 7. The BrainDen player who posted the final Knock Out has rights to post the next Knock Out List. Another eager player may choose to post a new Knock Out List if the player with honors hesitates for more than 24 hours of his/her final Knock Out of the previous list. I'll start us off with an NFL TEAM themed Battle List. In the quote box is the original list. Here is what a ballot post would look like [Note: reordering the battling list according to current point totals helps immensely as the game progresses.] Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!
  11. Except, I have NO clue what to do with any of the data so far.
  12. Host: Aaryan 1. marksmanjay 2. MiKi 3. psykomakia 4. 5. 6. 7. Flamebirde 8. 9. Brainiac100 10. 11. mboon 12. 13.
  13. I still think it has to do with the perfectly circular room with a metallic dome.
  14. How on earth does the story of Cain support your idea that evolution is guided by a supernatural force? *sigh* Nevermind.
  15. The detrimental mutations die out while the beneficial ones thrive.
  16. Look. There is an instant in time that you are currently experiencing. Even if it is so short you can't say the word "Now" in it. But it exists, and you are experiencing it. The time when you started reading this post, that's the past. The time when you finish reading this sentence, that's the future, and I added this bit so it will have been the future when you read the first clause. Past, present, future. The end.
  17. It's not from "pure evolution." It's from evolution through natural selection. And natural selection does account for increased complexity.
  18. As a newbie, I have no clue who is experienced or not. I felt bad killing someone off (and out of the game) before the game even starts, so I figured the last person to sign up should feel the least bad about it.
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