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  1. Fun puzzle so far, still trying to crack it! nope nope, but quite close Can you think of what => can mean other than "implies" or ≥, try to look at this from a more artistic point of view, like a drawing, => is a drawing of .....
  2. your on the right track but no => is not "implies"
  3. It's a dream, the possibilities are infinite
  4. in this riddle, it shouldn't
  5. still nothing, have people given up.... here's another hint: => can be read as "= or >" or it can be read as...... think about that
  6. hint: here are the first 100 digits of pi: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679, you're going to need it
  7. well, this is slow... by the time this is filled I'll be done with my current mafia and a next one
  8. he did say the code will start with d so I'm guessing it starts with DE unless abo will change the code da has appeared IZ twice both cab and abc had 2 g's and one d, the d being a both times whenever a is at the start it appears as D whenever b is at the start it appears as E but in bill it appeared M whenever c is at the start it appears as G Still going the wrong way, and I don't see the circle helping.....
  9. the riddle is invalid: the child asks for the location of his father yet the child is not born only a child would call the father daddy (unless a sibling is asking)
  10. one from the Jake hunter chronicles(with modification): crack this code: ansorfmhdksauevwaldroevmiealepnmalorpsuiakinqatasdmiofghoasrsg π => 9
  11. without even reading: the flaw is division by 0 after reading: you divided the 4th line by a-b and since a=b no need to go futher
  12. hopefully this will help
  13. the initials of every word in a tongue twister
  14. can an indy be recruited by another indy who hasn't been recruited, if so, if one of them is recruited, are they both recruited? the voting takes place with all players or the faction only or any other specifics?
  15. yeah that wasn't very smart of me, but I guess I played decent for a first time even though I didn't use any of my actions, I'm gmt+2 so when all the votes were in it would be a few minutes before 6 am, then my mentor offered that I specify my action and she would make the action accordingly but since days 2 and 3 went as I wanted them there wasn't the need for a vote change, though I'm not sure why mboon killed me it was while likely that I would be lynched the next day was it the possibility that I could save myself?
  16. it's funny how I voted all 3 baddies when I was alive (mboon day 1, flame day 2, chad day 3) lesson to all of you: don't suspect a person just because he puts himself on his own suspect lists
  17. Host = Shadow 1.Flamebirde 2. tolecnal 3. curr3nt 4.mew 5. Framm 6. smoth333 7. Auramyna 8. maurice 9. 10. KlueMaster 11. GMaster479 12. 13. MiKi [unlucky 13! *gasp*] 14. 15. 16. 17. Panther 18. 19. backup 1. Nana7 well... I just got killed in my first mafia, time to see what more complex mafias are like or is this too far for a second mafia? anyway, I do not comprehend voting
  18. mewminator

    Newbie Mafia

    the spying bird is mostly a baddie thing (mostly in disney movies: Iago, Maleficent's raven...etc) but it works here's a list of creatures suitable for this situation mermaids/men, gargoyles, griffin list of humanoid characters: captain of the guards, guard, elves, dwarf, sprites, gnomes,a fortune teller with a crystal ball some ideas for roles: captain of guards/guards: their impenetrable shields can block anything dwarf: known for it's ability of building. Can build and lay traps fortune teller: can watch the action performed by another player elves: keen senses....so what?.... I do
  19. It's good I died instead of being lynched today good luck guys
  20. by your logic that could be exactly what he wants us to think so he could target smoth and so the endless loop goes In all cases I believe that would be the baddie's safest move even if smoth is to be saved because if anyone else but smoth is killed he'd be tightening the suspect list to himself
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