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  1. I've tried and failed several times to create a code worthy for the people here, so here's what I have to offer: Crack this code: zTzabULlagNbccTDba|||||||||||||||yXbgHfdeJjRaLaa||||||||||||bcYGga|||||||||||||dQfDbaOee||||||||||||||cdVuYaDgguTsEdp||||||||||||||| cBdeeRcbWeiOAiigMnjTcxaZJfd The ||||||||||||| are just word separators
  2. due to a mistake we made we could have Nk'd mboon earlier (the actionless night), recapping on what I've learned as a first time baddie: 1- never claim to be a goodie, or act too much like one, be neutral (as a goodie I never claimed to be one, so that was out of character) 2- don't point too many fingers.(I usually base my actions purely on deductions, rather than what other peoples actions may mean) 3- while in the forum put yourself in place of any other goodie and start deducing from there. If something doesn't make sense, or will out you, don't post it. I vote Flame mvp XD
  3. sorry it's just that I'm in a whole lot earlier time zone than most of you and I really can't trust what will happen when I'm asleep. although if i wanted to play dumb I'd switch my vote to mboon and leave flame to break the tie then put the blame on him, sadly I'm too much of a goodie for that, so my vote stays Edit: I can' give any more explanations cause I'll be asleep
  4. @SMV I don't trust you either, especially that you're going for a tie, trying to take the chance of lynching 2 goodies, I am to guess. I can't provide you with that justification, but if you keep this up, you'll get you're justification after I'm lynched, and you'll be next. It's nice that everyone's active, but I wonder where is fb
  5. sorry about that SMV, and thnk you for speaking up now i want mahart/thalia to speak Host: MiKi Cohost: Nana7 1. Flamebirde 3. SMV 4. mew - voting for mahart/thalia 5. mboon- voting for Flamebirde 6. smoth - voting for mew 8. Hidden G - voting for Flamebirde 9. marhart14/Thalia - voting for mboon she maybe using long winded assumptions to lynch a goodie
  6. Host: MiKi Cohost: Nana7 1. Flamebirde 3. SMV - voting for SMV 4. mew 5. mboon- voting for Flamebirde 6. smoth - voting for mew 8. Hidden G - voting for SMV 9. marhart14/Thalia - voting for mboon 2. TheChad Killed N1 by Unicorn 7. Fat Tony Killed N1 by Baddies I never thought I'd agree with you in something this game HG, i want to hear from SmV who's been framing me and flame since yesterday, if I hear a promising reply I'll remove. @FB if you can back me up for a moment
  7. what is there to say? I turned in an action, nothing happened, that's it.
  8. no it's that everyone else is inactive plus (you'll get used to this eventually) this is how i normally play, TheChad, fb and HG have played with me before, and they know I'm just acting normally, I'm not asking you to remove your suspicion yet, just defending myself, to tell you the truth you'd be a complete idiot to call me innocent without enough hard evidence, same goes for calling me a baddie
  9. good, a tied vote, we didn't lose anyone today. the baddies didn't try to play any tricks, so I still have no ideas... Although if roy doesn't speak up soon he'll have to be replaced or lynched
  10. Host: MiKi Cohost: Nana7 1. Flamebirde - vote for rayvn 3. SMV - trapped 4. mew- vote for Roy-chan 5. Roy-chan (hotthnfire) 6. Ravyn 8. Hidden G 9. marhart14 2. TheChad Killed N1 by Unicorn 7. Fat Tony Killed N1 by Baddies out of randomness @flame I'm leaving you the job of tying the votes, cause I won't be awake by the end of the voting period, and you're the most active person around here, everyone else is sleeping/dead/busy or some other thing which I likely won't care about, I trust you will do so...
  11. don't bother accusing people today, to avoid hurting goodies just go with the tie for today and start accusing people tomorrow when there's more info to go on anyway back to business: 2 deaths, either 2 goodies, 1 goodie 1 indie,1 goodie 1 baddie, 1 baddie 1 indie, we know smv isn't the ogre (unless the ogre can trap himself), that's it.... I've nothing more to add
  12. I think we should tie the votes for today, the baddies have no vote manip and a flash vote at this time is just dumb for a tie someone has not to vote EDIT: I just realized SMV is trapped, that means things will even themselves out
  13. you'd better not, you'd be doing the baddies a favor
  14. don't go accusing me for no reason tomorrow, that fight was in the signup thread, if you're going to bother voting me you'd better have a good reason
  15. yes, it was an accident Continuation to the riddle, can anyone figure out why I made it this way? What first number for every character signifies, and what does the second signify? The riddle was for the answerer to notice that rather than figure each letter out.
  16. good, and since the baddies have no vote manip, a D1 tie is 100% safe
  17. then what I ask shouldn't worry you, if I were the dragon , I would worry about people easily cracking my role in the thread by asking questions about the dragon, then i would have asked the host and co-host via pm, therefore I have nothing to worry about, unless that's what I want you to think, and I really am the dragon, it's up to you to think what you want. anyway my role in the previous mafia was pikachu EDIT: being overly analytical is fun
  18. what the.... I thought you figured it out.... yes there is a pattern ,but lol, you brute forced it, heheheh, I guess it's not completely cracked yet, figure it out yourself
  19. none, one, or both that's up to you to figure out. BTW 11.1% chance I'm the dragon ,to you, since you know your own role then 12.5% unless you're the dragon then it's a 0% chance. (So don't try to throw your identity to me, dragon , JK) Besides didn't you realize being overly analytical is just my style of play, and implies nothing about my role or faction.(Although I did hint my role once in TMMIX hidden in one of my deductions).
  20. shame that was too fast
  21. the task is simple: crack the following code: 1623373739103237344718161247101226131012102412171739102623191039231237 Enjoy!
  22. Where were we? Ah yes.... Continuing my feud in the signup thread: now HG we'll see let's see who's the baddie here there's a 70% chance that each one of us is a goodie, 20% baddie and 10% indie, now, before you say anything I have a question for you: Why should I believe anything you say? Questions for the host: If the dragon kills the unicorn first, then both the prince and princess die at the hands of lynches or baddies, does the dragon win then? If the dragon fails then decides to kill everyone then the dragon is the last one standing, is it a win or draw? If the dragon manages to k
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