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  1. A poor man who is a heavy smoker can't afford to buy cigarettes, so instead he collects cigarette butts. For every 5 cigarette butts he can make 1 cigarette. How many cigarettes can he make out of 25 cigarette butts.
  2. For those who don't have excel or can't download the file for any reason here's the riddle: 8 people need to cross a river: a father, a mother, 2 sons, 2 daughter, a policeman and a criminal. The rules are: 1. The float can allow maximum two people 2. The father cannot stay with any of the daughters without the mother's presence 3. The mother cannot stay with any of the sons without the father's presence 4. The prisoner cannot stay alone with any family member 5. Only policeman and the parents can sail the float through river
  3. I found this one in a game called detective Jake Hunter anyway it goes like this: Flip flop noah says:"rehall haik siha rehay walha." decipher..
  4. The riddle is in the file, this one is similar to the fox, hen and grain riddle. Everything is written in the file. japanesepuzzle.xls
  5. This one is easy: you have 9 balls, one is heavier than the rest. You are provided with a scale balance. How can you identify the heavier one by only using the balance twice. N.B: the weight difference is not noticeable by hand, you cannot use any other tools.
  6. 2 rooms, one has 3 switches, one of these switches turns on a light bulb in the other room. how can you identify which switch turns on the bulb in the other room and you can only take one trip to that room. N.B you cannot peak into the room, use any tools, ask for another's help ...etc
  7. I can do it in 3 trips n.b this was done on the assumption that the bulbs will turn on in their incorrect positions
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