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    I see a whole lot of 34's
  2. no electronics or thermometers allowed? if so then
  3. mewminator

    If I apply both curr and scottbarnes logic I would only need to use one balance which is why we can't weigh a specific mass of marbles, otherwise it would be too easy. @wolfgang, I can easily tell which balance is which
  4. Might I add and a couple of my own possibilities
  5. mewminator

    Newbie Mafia

    they can't backfire when there's no fire
  6. mewminator

    Newbie Mafia

    I'm sorry... I was just a little too impatient, I just wanted an appetizer, a warm up if you may....
  7. mewminator

    Newbie Mafia

    that's because the majority are goodies so one is more likely to be a goodie than a baddie and the game hasn't started yet don't get ahead of yourself and try to lynch me.... unless.... you're the baddie trying to get rid of me note to self: hidden z is a possible baddie, assuming nothing has changed, he has a 20% chance of being a baddie, 10% of being an indie.... Wait!.... Oh!..... That applies to all of you.... and myself, unless MiKi decides not to go for random,which I highly doubt she will do, well, no point pointing fingers....yet
  8. mewminator

    Newbie Mafia

    I've been a goodie twice already, I want to try and see what it's like to live on the edge
  9. mewminator

    cut off the last 2 lines completely from the grey and green areas and fill the rest with green
  10. mewminator

    how about cutting only?
  11. mewminator

    are the combinations arranged, or are they random, or am I to figure that out? I wonder if any of this is correct... or am I at least on the right track
  12. I learned German by watching TV
  13. mewminator

    static friction > dynamic (kinetic) friction toppling over means there's kinetic energy therefore the friction is less which will most likely to get it sliding depending on the roughness
  14. mewminator

    I'm guessing the second would include looking at 0 every 2 days
  15. mewminator

    when you slice something in 2 you'd only need one straight line (so assuming the correct verb was used it's one straight line)
  16. sharing the country's wealth of jokes (making jokes is one of the few things we're capable of) about our upper Egyptians: An upper Egyptian and Einstein were sitting next to each other, bored, so Einstein decided to stir a conversation and eventually lead to this: Einstein: Tell you what, I'll ask you a question, if you can't answer it you'll give me a dollar, but if i can't answer your question, I'll give you a 100 dollars Upper Egyptian: Okay Einstein: How does gravity work? Upper Egyptian:..... So he gave Einstein a dollar Einstein: Your turn Upper Egyptian: What climbs up a mountain on 4 legs but climbs down on 3 legs? He was thinking for a long time but in the end he gave the Egyptian a 100 dollars Einstein: My turn: What climbs up a mountain on 4 legs but climbs down on 3 legs? I want the answer. Upper Egyptian:..... And he gave him a dollar and former (not so) beloved president Hosny Mubarak: Our president was once on an aeroplane with George W.Bush, one of his assistants and a monkey. George W.Bush: I'll make you a deal, Mubarak, if you manage to make this monkey laugh, I'll remove 25% of Egypt's debts Mubarak (to assistant): Make that monkey laugh. The assistant whispered something to the monkey and the monkey laughed. Bush: If you make the monkey cry I'll remove 50% of Egypt's debts Same procedure, Mubarak orders assistant, assistant whispers in the monkey's ears, monkey cries. Bush: If you make the monkey want to jump out of the plane window, I'll remove all of Egypt's debts. Blablabla the monkey's banging on the plane window. Mubarak: How did you manage to make the monkey do all these things Assistant: Simple, for a laugh I said: That Idiot is ruling Egypt to make it cry I said: That idiot has been ruling for nearly 30 years for the attempted suicide i said: That idiot wants his son to rule after him and other random jokes: Note: You may get bored reading this joke it's long and is meant to bore and annoy the listener (reader) with pointless listing and repetition, although I am not responsible to what happens to you when (if) you finish reading this joke. READ AT OWN RISK. A guy was returning from work and thought: Should I take a bus or a cab? If I take the cab, no problem but if i take the bus then there are 2 situations: 1-I stand 2-I sit down If I stand there's, no problem but if i sit then there are 2 situations 1-I sit next to a man 2-i sit next to a woman (note that buses are so crowded that the odds of you finding a seat without anyone sitting next to you is near 0) if I sit next to a man, no problem, but if I sit next to a woman there are 2 situations 1-We talk 2-We don't talk If we don't talk, no problem, if we do talk then there are 2 situations 1-I fall in love 2-I don't fall in love If I don't fall in love, no problem, if i do then there are 2 situations 1-We get married 2-We don't get married If we don't get married, no problem, if we do then there are 2 situations 1-We have kids 2-We don't have kids if we don't have kids, no problem, if we do then there are 2 situations 1-There will be a boy 2-There won't be a boy If there will be no boys, no problem, if there will be then there are 2 situations 1-He will like football (soccer not American football, most popular sport in our country) 2-He won't like football If he doesn't like football, no problem, if he does then there are 2 situations 1-He'll play in the street 2-He will play in other places If he plays in other places, no problem, if he plays in the street then there are 2 situations 1-He'll get run over 2-He won't get run over If he doesn't get run over, no problem, if he does then there are 2 situations 1-He dies 2-He doesn't die If he doesn't die, no problem if he DOES die.... I'd better take a cab What is your expression if you have successfully finished reading this joke: It may not be to your liking so I just posted a couple of samples, if you like I could post more, some of it may seem pointless but it's funny in the end, all translated but understandable I suppose.
  17. ahhhh.... reminds me of the days when I used to play pokemon and professor oak asks "are you a boy or a girl"
  18. mewminator

    a 3 year old post that's going with 3 pages: Yo mama's so fat when she went to the theater she sat next to everybody one for the road: yo mama's so dumb she thought a quarterback is a refund
  19. mewminator

    Newbie Mafia

    yeah, he didn't do much either, D1 lynch
  20. mewminator

    Newbie Mafia

    well I just got lynched in the other mafia I was playing.... waiting for this one to begin
  21. and you got this answer how?
  22. nope nope hint: it's only one word
  23. yes, it's from memories of the past fine here's the first letter: m, hopefully that didn't make it to easy in the game it was much easier because the character did most of the thinking, but it was a good riddle nonetheless, so I introduced a modified version of it here
  24. that's correct you're thinking way to complex
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