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  1. I think link should save smoth cause he's the only guaranteed goodie and the final baddie might go against him but if you don't trust me enough and only think that I'm saying so to target someone else and guarantee a kill then do what you will as for marth to prove my innocence I wish he could direct my action against me (unless he did it last night then I should be a goodie or baddie to him) mario do what you will pikachu:................. you have a day role go hide from the baddies in a barrel or something battlefield: good luck with your plan on taking out 4 people
  2. I meant if I knew the rat's position I might as well go deal with it otherwise it's stick to the routine
  3. you'd be a complete idiot if you don't doubt me unless you have proof, in fact I'm nearly everyone's number 1 suspect it also could have been in pikachu's tiny hands, he/she could have saved either of us
  4. Honestly guys I don't cook up those theories for nothing, and I only include myself so others can calculate possibilities. I'm not asking you not to suspect me but including myself in my own list doesn't make me a baddie. Maybe I'm better off being killed tonight, then the goodies will have a better chance of finding the final baddie, but why would the baddies kill me if I'm the one you suspect the most then I'd keep the baddies alive for 1 day if I were to be lynched in the next. Anyway back to the drawing board: curr3nt: I feel he wants me to suspect him, all we know is that he's not link smoth: now 100% innocent me: I'm not marth cat and mboon: as unknown as usual someone (or more) needs to act on one (or both) of them tonight even though curr3nt says one of them claimed a role (can't figure that out)
  6. @curr3nt I was specifically asked not to act so... that's an action cancel. Or am I wrong somewhere? Oh and marth I was planning to have dinner with my friends and you forced me to cancel
  7. let me make a summary of myself marth persuaded me not to act tonight here are the characters whose roles aren't seen or didn't occur tonight: Link Pikachu call of duty battlefield Falco meta knight since tole claimed falco without doubt and(my opinion) maurice was meta knight (claimed falsely by TheChad later) so that would leave: Link Pikachu call of duty battlefield Falco meta knight which gives a 50% chance of me being a baddie that's a lot I know. if anyone else would like to add please do
  8. 2 things: 1-block happened tonight so I can't be mario 2-why can't I be link, pikachu or call of duty
  9. I think I met the requirements without objection but then again it's a case of logic is the man so tired/ busy/ whatever that he could not search in a box he already knows contains the rat and would instead waste another day of searching because if so I'd have to add 2 days to this scenario
  10. If I know where the rat is I could spare a few moments of my day to be rid of it rather than waste another day of searching
  11. whoops made a mistake here's 6 times
  12. I also have one more thing to add: Is it wise for 1 baddie to kill another baddie to bulletproof himself? In this case, let's assume both smoth and tole were baddies, could smoth kill tol after he's been claimed innocent just to bulletproof himself, I mean we all trust him now ,but the disadvantage is that it would leave them way to low on numbers. I would say the chances of that are 0.1 so I give smoth 99.9% innocence.
  13. the fact that marth is not maurice means that someone was lying and it wasn't tole so only 3/4 of my list is innocent and as tolecnal is innocent (baddie killed) TheChad was lying about his meta knight role which is definitely maurice because if the real meta-knight was alive he would have killed the fake without a word also smoth is 100% innocent therefore my vote goes to 1. hotterthnfire - lynched and found to be Kirby 2. mew - voting for TheChad 3. flamebirde - lynched and found to be Halo 4. TheChad 5. smoth333 - voting for TheChad 6. 'Cat'astrophe 7. maurice - killed by the Baddies 8. mboon - voting for TheChad 9. tolecnal - killed by the Baddies 10. curr3nt as for the last baddie he/she is in this list: 1-mew (not marth) 2-curr3nt (not link) 3-mboon (unkown) 4-cat (unkown) which is pretty much every one except smoth (not baddie) (wow this list made much more sense before today)
  14. @TheChad in your case if you trust said players then to you the baddies are in the first list well I broke it down to 3 ifs, did I ruin the fun?
  15. I have a theory that state that if every one is telling the truth then all the baddies should be somewhere in this list: 1-mew 2-curr3nt 3-mboon 4-cat it would be nice of you to consider me not a part of this list If 3/4 in this list are goddies then we have 2 cases: 1-tole is lying but said that smoth is a goodie to earn his trust 2-chad is lying about his claimed role if 4/4 are innocent then: (extremely unlikely) 1-tole is lying and claimed smoth is a goodie so they could both earn all our trust 2-tole is covering by admitting smoth is a goodie and the chad is lying and when smoth uncovered flames mistake they put up this whole show of tole being falco and the chad being meta knight to throw him under a bus I think tole is the best judge (assuming he's a goodie) although I won't completely trust his reply if he does give one
  16. whoops forgot to add a person and role so here are the lists again: mew curr3nt mboon maurice cat smoth to the following roles: mario pikachu marth call of duty battlefield link
  17. If no one is lying then we would have to assign each of the following to his/her role, there's: mew curr3nt mboon maurice cat to the following roles: mario pikachu marth call of duty battlefield maurice is either pikachu or marth anyone else would be still unknown to anyone without these roles again in the assumption that no one is lying
  18. wow I didn't think someone would work so hard to reduce his chances of being a goodie
  19. there's a difference between dumb and playing dumb and no I can't check your login dates
  20. my summary for every living player: curr3nt is most likely innocent he's just trying to have fun or make it all part of the training, it's the whole concept of learning by doing but the slight possibility exists in what he stated earlier mboon and cat are near complete mystery to me, always kept their sentences short and sweet tole claims to be a falco and claims that smoth is innocent but the possibility that she's lying exists in one or both claims thechad claims to be latecomer also claims to be metaknight the possibility exists that he's playing dumb or lying smoth is the person who revealed flames plan (first to do it) and later was trapped to be silenced, stopped from voting or having suspicion against him removed. he is slowly gaining my trust mew simply states actions and possible meanings, he made several mistakes in the past due to his lack of rule reading or thinking If anyone would like to add please do
  21. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10 huff puff I'm not too good at push ups
  22. @curr3nt I always did have the theory that maurice was actually falco when he made the list of suspects and the only one out of it was hotterthnfire and he said "he looked into their souls" so thank you for opening my eyes that tole might be lying and who claimed what?
  23. just take my list and exclude me
  24. assuming no one is lying the only suspects left are: mew mboon 'cat'astrophe of course it would be smart of you not to suspect me then again that's what anyone would say.... I don't know
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