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  1. Clarification? When you say, "the last young lady joined the class on her twenty-first birthday", are you referring to the last lady to join the class after it has been filled up, or the last lady to join the class of the three sisters?
  2. How tall are the prickly trees?
  3. Granted. You've been admitted into a top level psychiatric ward, complete with full-body restraints, fluffy walls, 24 hour surveillance, and enough happy pills to make an evil genie hug a tree. I wish I had all the requirements (knowledge, skills, money, etc...) to build a perfectly fitting, fully functional Iron Man suit.
  4. ...the post is titled, "the only one". I is also the Roman Numeral for one. I might have to change my guess.
  5. When you say "raise your pen more then once", do you mean writing the letter without retracing any of the previously drawn lines? Because A, E, F, K, T, X, and Y also share that same trait. Or did you mean something different?
  6. By chance, should the last shown number be 112 instead of 121?
  7. Can one ship transfer fuel to multiple ships simultaneously? Can one ship receive fuel from multiple ships simultaneously?
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