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  1. A couple of questions: Can the questions be dependant on the answers to previous questions? ...or do they need to be the same questions irrespective of previous answers? If the answer to Question A is Yes, then ask Question B. If the answer to Question A is No, then ask Question C. Can each question contain multiple conditions (using standard logic operators)? ...or would they need to be counted as separate questions? Does A = 1 AND B = 0? Does B = 1 OR C = 1?
  2. BobbyGo

    When voider said one variable, I think he meant ANY one variable (a or b or c ... or g) to make 7 unique expressions. Counting the negatives would turn that into 14.
  3. BobbyGo

    65,536 = 42 42 = 9 9 = 4 4 is fantastic 56,542 = 40 40 = 6 6 = 3 3 = 4 4 is fantasic
  4. Thanks... and I have a question. I'm looking at my profile here and it says Reputaion: 0 and Neutral. How can I change the Neutral to Chaotic Good? ...or maybe Chaotic Neutral?

    1. Brainiac100


      If you look at any post made (except yours), you can see a green button and a red button in the bottom right-hand corner. By clicking on those, one can change another person's reputation. You cannot change your own, however.

  5. BobbyGo

    I think curr3nt is right. Other option might be...
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