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  1. Do they need to end in the same 6 spaces, or can they end in a new position (as a group)?
  2. correct. Care to explain your solution?
  3. I had considered testing for heat and testing for light to count as two different tests because you would need to use two different senses to acquire the information. If this is correct, I'll stick with my answer above. If this is not the case, I'll change my answer to the one below.
  4. Fire can be found in a tree because the lava caused it to start burning. Your mother gets FIRED up inside and starts yelling when you don't listen to her.
  5. While the individual chances of totaling to 7 is greater than totaling to 6 after the first roll, the cumulative totals always favor 6. For example, the chances of landing a 7 or 6 on the second throw is 6/36 and 5/36 respectively, but 6 already had a 1/6 chance added from the first roll. Bonanova's simulations produced results very close to the actual figures. (Although, I'm not sure how well Excel handles rounding, so he very well might be spot on.)
  6. Granted. Wishes must now be fulfilled as expected. I wish that you (the genie) will corrupt my, or anyone else's wish.
  7. Granted. A platter of cookies appears before you. They are the most delightfully delicious cookies ever created. They also cause instant death upon consumption. The glass containing the milk is shatter-proof and has no lid. I wish, with complete control on my behalf, to be perfectly fluent in every dialect of every language, real or made up. This applies to both written and spoken languages and does not cause any diminished performance of my senses, cognitive functions, or other abilities.
  8. Since you have an unlimited supply of trays...
  9. If you're interested, I ran a bit of code to find the answer...
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