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  1. this is what even i think how can you split 45 into two equal parts...P.S- he noted that we cant use 9 as 6...
  2. Correct. Good job. I wonder if there is a proof of this that is not overly complex? Edit: Well, No. I just found the proof, and it's not beautiful for its simplicity. You start with the Law of Sines, and 2 1/2 pages later you have a symmetrical expression for one side. "Do not try this at home." oh i am so sorry .....i mistook it for the eulers line....my bad...
  3. complete the following series ...it is a bit harder than the previous ones... 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 22, 24, ? , 100, 121, ?
  4. use spoiler !!the little button in the post box that says "s"!!
  5. 228^251 * 126^23416 * 37^217 * 213^19. what will be the last digit of the resulting Answer?
  6. Two consecutive numbers are given to A and B. when A is asked ‘do you know B’s number?’ A denies. when B is asked whether he knows A’s no., B also denies. at the very moment, A replies that he knows B’s number. what may be B’s number?
  7. Which term will be the next term in the series? 18, 46, 94, 63, 52, ?
  8. even i am having the same confusion...
  9. It seems like this problem is dependent upon what is a reasonable a priori distribution for N. OMG!you are one hell of a methematician...lol
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