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  1. Debasis

    Number game 2

  2. Debasis

    Number game 1

    this is what even i think how can you split 45 into two equal parts...P.S- he noted that we cant use 9 as 6...
  3. Debasis

    Number game 1

  4. Debasis

    the only one

  5. Debasis

    Triangle, trisected

    Correct. Good job. I wonder if there is a proof of this that is not overly complex? Edit: Well, No. I just found the proof, and it's not beautiful for its simplicity. You start with the Law of Sines, and 2 1/2 pages later you have a symmetrical expression for one side. "Do not try this at home." oh i am so sorry .....i mistook it for the eulers line....my bad...
  6. Debasis

    Complete the Series 2

    complete the following series ...it is a bit harder than the previous ones... 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 22, 24, ? , 100, 121, ?
  7. Debasis

    Complete the Series

    use spoiler !!the little button in the post box that says "s"!!
  8. Debasis

    Complete the Series

    use spoiler!
  9. Debasis

    The Power of Powers

    228^251 * 126^23416 * 37^217 * 213^19. what will be the last digit of the resulting Answer?
  10. Debasis

    Guess the Numbers

    Two consecutive numbers are given to A and B. when A is asked ‘do you know B’s number?’ A denies. when B is asked whether he knows A’s no., B also denies. at the very moment, A replies that he knows B’s number. what may be B’s number?
  11. Debasis

    Complete the Series

    Which term will be the next term in the series? 18, 46, 94, 63, 52, ?
  12. Debasis

    logic logic

    even i am having the same confusion...
  13. Debasis

    logic logic

  14. Debasis

    How many tickets?

    It seems like this problem is dependent upon what is a reasonable a priori distribution for N. OMG!you are one hell of a methematician...lol
  15. Debasis

    The River

    why? Thanks!