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  1. So howaz the trip?

  2. Care to explain bout your website URL?

  3. Woo hoo, You a MOD!!

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    2. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae

      Ah, right. I have to finish my conversation with Mr. Vonnegut..

    3. Auramyna


      *sits_back_and_waits* And what ever happened to Montalcino?

    4. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae

      I decided against telling that story. It was a private and sad time and what lies behind that door should stay behind that door...

  4. So my school opened on Monday... You might be seeing me as "not so active" now.

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    2. Anon26


      ^^Reinforcement of Faulty logic, or bad grammar above..

      The thing is..

      Can I see you.. (this would be a yes, I can see whoever I want)

      but the question is..

      Would I see you?...(this is action)

      And I will have to call, ummmmmm....

      A teacher? to tell you......

      Now who is a teacher here? *ponders*


    3. Auramyna


      Yes, but can I see you (no, Cos you aren't active)

      So if I can't see you, would I see you i.e - do an action of seeing you (no. I can't. Cos you aren't active.)

      I mean, I would if I could but I can't.

      Ah, see that? Would if I COULD. However I CAN'T. (So therefore, I WOULDN'T)

      No need for a teacher to explain.

  5. Happy Birthday! :D

    1. akaslickster


      Thank you, just noticed this.

  6. Fact of the NIght: You were born 108,345,600 seconds after mow.

  7. Fact of Another Day: Mow was born 301 weeks before you. (a random question)?

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    2. Anon26


      The new comment Aura,

      The seconds one.....

  8. Fact of the Day: You were born exactly after 301 Weeks of mow.

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    2. Anon26
    3. Auramyna


      "301 Weeks of mow" - is that an overdose or an underdose? *ponders* I suppose it depends on the context, and what's taking place during the 301 weeks. And whether there's another 301 weeks after. And whether the drugstore is open. And whether my head explodes *shrug*

    4. Auramyna


      And MFFI! I really wanted to sign up for "301 weeks of mow." Next time, let me know before any Shanice Baier's find out :(

  9. Lemme confirm with Molly which player should you substitute. K?

  10. Hey Aaryaan. you might just be needed as a backup. wanna step in TMMV

  11. Good to see ya back! :D:P

  12. I just noticed I have 5 stars in User Rating. A big "Thank You" to all who did this. =)

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    2. Anon26


      Wait a sec.....

      User rating have seem to gone with the new theme...

      Just after I had my five stars....


  13. Seeing as it is with MoMa.

    Its Superb!!

  14. AM really really sorry.

    I had to givout the roles for TMM. and I got a bit tooo busy. updating right away...

  15. You still havent change your interest tho you have played a couple of Mafias by now,

  16. And I tell you, Molly is very supporting and helpfull... I feel lucky to be co hosting with him

    1. Auramyna


      Aw, isn't that sweet? Molly is SUCH a good actor! ***aura does a set of hand movements a cross between a secret handshake and "i'm watching you" to Molly***

    2. Hidden G

      Hidden G

      i'm not understanding a thing here,i guess this is between u guys.

    3. Auramyna


      Just saying that if molly is acting nice, he must be a good actor and then i'm like "i'm watching u molly" and then a secret handshake.

  17. I dont get the "AXES"

  18. I wont out much. Any side can win. And I really worked hard on D/N posts...

    and thanks..

  19. Also, for future.

    When somebody comments on your profile, you oughto go and reply on their profile comments. I would never know you replied here. It was by chance I saw it.

  20. Its the TMM.

    The Game thread is up. the theme is Council of WW2.

  21. @MissKitten: Just AVATAR theif ?

  22. Judging from what I see in the telly.... musician are people who cant sing... and I am pretty sure they arent poets...

    1. Auramyna


      Musicians can sing. The ppl on tv aren't musicians.

  23. Judging from what I see in the telly.... musician are people who cant sing... and I am pretty sure they arent poets...

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