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  1. Am working real hard for prepration of my Mafia... real hard..

  2. ♪♫☼ Ha¶¶y Birthday ☼♫♪

  3. is excited over his first Mafia co-hosting.

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    2. Auramyna


      Hmm, mis-spelled 'big' twice in one comment.

    3. Molly Mae

      Molly Mae

      Heh. You said "nig"

    4. Auramyna


      Heh. So did you. =P back atcha.

  4. is on quest for truth.

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    2. Auramyna


      Not if truth=your girlfriend cheated on you. But if it's some Buddhist truth, maybe it would be peaceful...

    3. Anon26


      Yup, its Buddhist like...so I will continue... *continues*

    4. Auramyna


      Just remember, life goes around in a circle. It's a carousel where you always come back to the same conclusions. But "I don't care, 'cause I'm a-a-a-al@@@@@ready there!" @@@@@ = point your finger and twirl it in the air facing outwards horizontally.

      Anyone think they "get" this, lemme know.

  5. and can you explain whats the beat.

  6. whats the difference between song writing and poem writing?

  7. You can change your pic now Aaryan.

  8. I wrote the actual votes in the TMMIV thread

  9. Hey Aaryan,

    Your profile says:

    Showing 50 random friends of 50

  10. have inherited Leslie Young Series from Omega Scales!

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    2. Auramyna


      Why tf would Anon care who you agree with? He didn't make up the series; he's just helping the guy. And why tf do you go around asking everyone "what's mafia? what's this, what's that?" Look it up. Google is (ostensibly) your friend.

      Curiosity doesn't just ask qu's but seeks answers.

  11. You ought to change your interests now. You have now played one game, and playing another.


  12. Can I co-host ?

  13. You into programming ?

  14. ♪♫☼ Ha¶¶y Birthday ☼♫♪

  15. Check my poem in "Others" thread.

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    2. Anon26


      Read the update below,

      my is 13 : ' (

    3. Anon26


      There nice,

      but you can always polish em up.

  16. Sign in as a backup for TMM3, I have a feeling that they might be needed.

  17. I didnt get you cube!

    Plus, did you accidently commneted on mine while you intended to comment on someones else profile.

  18. You were born on Christmas ?

    Thats unique.

  19. Whats on your mind ?


  20. So Cubie,

    till now I was telling you to keep your location secret,

    but now you can display it.


  21. You should have atleast noticed it first, coz my username have 26 in it.

    Club name should be

    "Twenny Sixers"

  22. Hey I just noticed we have the same date of birth,

    26 / Nov / 1995 :D

  23. At bottom right of every post, there are two buttons, a red and a green. They would give the person a positive, or negative rep. :)

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