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  1. @plasmid - lol. Keep forgetting these may not sound exactly like the phrase. Especially when it's the first letter that's different. Thanks for the reminder. Arabian spousal reception EDIT: Whoa. BD has tagging now?
  2. An attractive East African Hitting a wall with the others. Not familiar with the terms "costume jewelry" or "spousal reception". I've been assuming the latter is referring to a wedding or something somewhat related. Is that right? As for the difficulty, it's always easier when you're the one with the answers.
  3. Can't find the page I was looking at. It had a list of cities that were part of the empire and the present country. Just looked at a map and it looks like Croatia was more Roman. May have been a few cities on the eastern border so that one was stretching it. I see you edited one
  4. Coins Down under rocker Byzantine No full guess for these but ideas for parts if anyone else is trying
  5. Isn't that what bonanova said?
  6. Picture of a Scandinavian
  7. Bohemian defender of the bar
  8. A different kind of canine Middle Eastern Dairy Product
  9. Not sure if there's a format to the answers like some of your other ones but here goes. Coins
  10. Constellations Not sure how this relates but can't get it out of my head
  11. Unless the whole forum is dead. In that case, we've got a much bigger problem. . .
  12. Wow. . . That was. . . depressing. As others have said, I think a large part is the fact that the crash lasted so long (several months?). A lot of people may not know the site is back up/have forgotten/gotten busy. Many probably stopped checking after a while. Those from the Mafia community that do know have moved over to MM. As for Coup of Rhotus, that was a larger than normal Mafia to begin with for this site. We're not as big as MM. Rebuilding takes time. I see Asylum and Justice League ran last year. Looks like Slick was considering hosting one but disappeared/didn't have a co-host? The la
  13. Is it something that people are commonly exposed to every day? All I can think of at the moment is air.
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