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  1. Find the missing numbers

  2. Number Series

    These are my guesses:
  3. Who can go the lowest?

    Using the same method that BobbyGo took, my number would be a...
  4. A rational solution

  5. Finding a function

  6. City Growth

    I think I got what the answer is, now that we know it is 1/(2x).
  7. Chess Knight Problem

    Oh, maximum. Sorry, I didn't catch that.
  8. Crystal Problem

  9. Chess Knight Problem

  10. Janis Puzzle

    Also, the back side of the throne is not real. Once you look at it close enough, it is actually part of the painting.
  11. Math Riddle

  12. matchstick puzzle

  13. Sorry, accidentally posted it twice. Probably because the website went down at that time.
  14. I believe I did the equations correctly... I believe I did the equations correctly...