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  1. Sorry, accidentally posted it twice. Probably because the website went down at that time.
  2. I believe I did the equations correctly... I believe I did the equations correctly...
  3. I think I got the right answer
  4. @FUZZY Does the 1000 years start after your children has two children, or from when the question starts?
  5. @Thalia I am still working on it. It is coming along, but just very slowly. Also, school is giving me a bit less time to do it.
  6. One question did come up to me, because something does not add up. 106 says do-wop and grunge are listened to in the fifth or sixth house. 157 says that the house opposite of house 5 listens to metal, which would be the sixth house. These say that the sixth house listens to two types of music.
  7. The way I learned to do grid puzzles was to make a grid with every variable by every variable. The two scroll bars were for the width and height. There seems to be another way to do this to make it smaller. If any of you could give some insight on how to do this correctly, it would be great.
  8. My trouble is the same as Thalia's, because my spreadsheet is huge. I have never had one before that has a scroll bar on each side. However, I am still working on the puzzle, slowly but surely. My questions have already been answered, so this is all for now.
  9. I was able to find out one part of this question However, I have not been able to find the arrangement of the numbers in the four by four grid.
  10. With only four folds, it seems impossible to get back to four sides. However...
  11. These are just some questions for clarification. 1. Can your opponent put a point on a spot that is not one of the original locations? 2. Does the square have to be straight, or can it be tilted?
  12. The line is the area that all the centers can be at. No center of a circle that goes through the two points can be off that line. 1. All points off a circle have to be the same distance to the center, which is the radius. This goes also with points (0,3) and (2,0). Imagine a line connecting them to the center of the circle. These lines would be marked as the variable X. So, you form a isosceles triangle. Two sides are X, and the other is the sqrt(13), which is the line connecting the two points to each other. In an isosceles triangle the top would be directly above the center of the base. In this case, the base would be the sqrt(13). The top would be the center of the circle. This is where you would get the line, because it is perpendicular with the line connecting the two points, and intersects through the middle of it. 2. To answer the first thing you asked me, the variable A will affect the area. It depends on which arc you want to measure, the minor arc or the major arc. As A reaches towards positive infinity, the area with the minor arc will get bigger, and the same thing with the major arc. When A goes the opposite way, the minor arc will get smaller in area, and the major arc will forever be at 0. Bigger and smaller area is based on when A is 0, and the circle is at its smallest. When I say A gets larger in absolute value, this means that the circle will just get bigger. This is why I do not believe that there can be a center anywhere off this line. If so, then your question has me stumped.
  13. The line that I got was the same as CaptainEd got. However, this is what I got for finding the circles... I have not yet figured out the second part of the problem with the area, but this is what I have for now.