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  1. MissKitten, I don't have a Club Penguin account.


  2. rookie1ja

    No, thanks for the suggestion though.
  3. rookie1ja

    No problem. Send me a PM when you are ready.
  4. Thanks for all the wishes. I am trying to enjoy these days by travelling through Italy. I wish all of you at least as good days as I am just having. Enjoy BD, enjoy life :-)

  5. rookie1ja

    Big thanks to everyone. Enjoy BD
  6. rookie1ja

    You can easily use the search feature, as already advised in the forum rules, prior to posting riddles you have not created. BTW, forum rules include also the difference between word riddles and logic puzzles forum sections. Thread locked.
  7. rookie1ja

    MODERATING What happens after death? What do people believe? Keep broader religious debate in other more appropriate threads.
  8. rookie1ja

    Moderating: I advise to stay on topic - America. For any other topic start a new thread or join already existing threads if you have anything substantial to add.
  9. Forum upgraded to 3.1.1. Still working on customization.
  10. teekayla, just a few minutes ago

  11. rookie1ja

    Moderating I advise to stick to the forum rules: Any further offensive approach against other members might result in suspending your membership on this site. Thanks.
  12. rookie1ja

    Italy - via ferraty

    Hiking/climbing near Lago di Garda (May 2010). Via ferraty: CIMA SAT, Monte Albano, Che Guevara, Rino Pisetta.
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