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  1. Let me announce new Forum Moderators: plainglazed and superprismatic. Both have contributed to this site significantly throughout the years and they have earned respect of many members. Along with bonanova they are ready to guide you through the Den so that you can have even better experience. Congratulations!
  2. Note that spoiler title is mandatory now so that text in spoiler is hidden.
  3. Hi, after 1 year this forum has been upgraded again. This time we have some great changes. Feel free to comment on your favorite feature or start a new thread to suggest what you would like to see in the forums. New Text Editor - Auto save text as you write reply and you get notified if there is new post while you are still writing the reply, AJAX reply/quote that is faster and pages won't need to reload - this one looks really fast. - When writing fast reply you also get notified if someone else posted while you were writing your fast reply. Core Functionality - Improved View N
  4. The issue is resolved now. Pls let me know if you experience this or any other issue in the future. Thanks.
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  6. Pls try again. Majority of issues should be resolved now.
  7. I am aware of this error and forum helpdesk is investigating the matter. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thanks.
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  9. _Logic_, here are the current title requirements:

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  11. Adub20, I see that you already made a few posts so your access should allow you to post your own riddles. You may go into the appropriate forum section (Puzzles or Riddles) and then click on "Start New Topic" button in the top right hand corner.

    Enjoy the Den :-)

  12. Aaryan, BD time you see should be as set in your preferences ("My Settings"). So people in different time zones may see different posting time for the same post.

  13. rookie1ja

    Hi, that's one of my favorite puzzles. Discussion can be found in the following If you like this type, be sure to check out more Water and Weighing Puzzles. Enjoy BD
  14. Feel free to add banners linking to other sites on your BD "About Me" page. Of course, in smaller amount and to appropriate sites so that it's not considered just as spamming. harvey45, I like the BD logo. Thanks for using it on other sites as per their rules
  15. rookie1ja

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Just a few points: 1. I am basically the only one cleaning BD 2. I am on vacation this week with limited access to internet 3. I have banned the spammer by name/email/ip (several new registrations were made from different ip addresses) 4. the spammer came back from different ip so I disabled the site (so post/topic can not be started if the site is included) 5. the spammer came back and posted the site in thread title while making off topic post 6. I have disabled new registrations - no new member can register from now on until further measures
  16. rookie1ja

    Australia - relax

    Sydney, Blue Mountains and Tasmania road trip (from Launceston to Hobart via east coast and back north through the center). February 2011.
  17. From the album: Australia - relax

    Back to north.
  18. From the album: Australia - relax

    The warmest water ever.
  19. From the album: Australia - relax

    Almost missed the small road to the lake from highway.
  20. From the album: Australia - relax

    Convict heritage in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), just like many other churches, gaols and cottages.
  21. From the album: Australia - relax

    Almost every Tassie place is like a masterpiece painting.
  22. From the album: Australia - relax

    One out of many beaches/bays on the east coast.
  23. From the album: Australia - relax

    Giant leap in the past.
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