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  1. From the album: Australia - relax

    GPS could not always find all roads in bush :-)
  2. From the album: Australia - relax

    Diverse paradise - from green pastures, through endless hills, rain forests, virgin beaches, great lakes, deserted bush roads to vineyard valleys and ports.
  3. From the album: Australia - relax

    Nice walks, multiple level waterfalls, steepest railway, kangaroos, tiger snakes, dreamtime legends and much more we've heard/seen in Blue Mountains.
  4. From the album: Australia - relax

    Not like the lazy ones in Taronga ZOO or Wildlife World.
  5. rookie1ja

    Sydney - sharks

    From the album: Australia - relax

    Manly OceanWorld probably a bit better sharks than in Sydney Aquarium.
  6. rookie1ja

    Sydney - koala

    From the album: Australia - relax

    Sleeping majority of the day, conserving energy or just high on eucalyptus?
  7. From the album: Australia - relax

    Great ferry routes (weekly ticket includes bus, train and ferry :-)
  8. From the album: Australia - relax

    One out of many lookouts.
  9. From the album: Australia - relax

    Mighty sound of waves and great lookouts.
  10. From the album: Australia - relax

    Most of the people kept running and sweating. Crazy.
  11. From the album: Australia - relax

    Nice to have the beach just over the road all those days :-)
  12. From the album: Australia - relax

    Finally arrived the 1st day, grabbing fish&chips and off to the beach into waves.
  13. rookie1ja

    Homework Help section does not have many topic starters yet and descriptive titles might make searching easier. Nevertheless thanks for the suggestion.
  14. Sure, the account can be kept, but banned and so not active
  15. thingamajigi, I am a Slovak

    Aaryan, have a look at the following post -

  16. rookie1ja

    This is probably the most frequently posted puzzle with long discussion and several solutions in There are a few similar logic problems as well. For more tips refer to the forum rules. Thread locked.
  17. Žena Muž = female / male
  18. Chatboard was created years ago but was not used very much. If really needed, I might add some - so far you can try this.
  19. Aaryan, topic starter can add a poll within 30 days. For detailed instructions on how to add poll, I advise to read the forum rules - http://brainden.com/forum/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&section=rules&f=7

  20. rookie1ja

    buttnessa42, topic starter can attach poll to his/her topic within 30 days. Let me know via PM if you require further information.
  21. One of my favorites - already
  22. Aaryan, once in your preferred forum section, look for "Start New Topic" button in the top right hand corner.

  23. rookie1ja

    I would like to discuss all possibilities via PM or mail (including the meta keywords decrease of importance over the last few years and their low value in Google algorithm, and all other aspects of SEO/SEM).
  24. OmegaScales, your question regarding Czech vs. Slovak language is answered in the thread. Feel free to read it.

  25. jakeknowslittle, no.

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