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  1. I have great news for all Facebook users. You can easily integrate this site into your Facebook page. Simply click the "Like" button at the top, add a short comment and your Facebook profile will include the specific BrainDen page that you like. Easy :-) Now you can share any thread from these forums with your friends on Facebook.
  2. That feature is working. In any forum section view where the threads are listed click on number of replies.
  3. Solution to "Crossing the Desert" There are 4 cars needed, including the car with the important letter (which travels to the middle of the desert). Its empty tank must be filled to the top to get to the end of desert. The way between the military base (where the cars and petrol is) and the middle of the desert can be divided into 3 thirds. 3 cars will go in their thirds back and forth and overspilling 1/3 of their tanks. This way the tank of the important car will be filled and the letter will be delivered. Apologies, the thread with solution and discussion is missing due to technical issu
  4. I would suggest contacting some members directly to trial them. No sub-forum planned for it yet.
  5. rookie1ja

    Mirror Mafia Signups

    You can PM me if you have any questions
  6. Adding post with new information (eg. solution not provided yet) is, of course, OK.

  7. NickFleming, you can report any reposts or other violations of rules and I will decide further. BTW, even though resurrecting rule is not applied that strictly in Jokes forum, it still applies (especially when an old thread is resurrected by a smiley or lol)


  8. rookie1ja

    The poll can be created with reply which includes answer/explication/credit to solver. I consider such post important.
  9. rookie1ja

    Hi Scousekid900, that's a good point. Have you tried to enable JavaScript? That should resolve your issue.
  10. rookie1ja

    More than 7 years, although it was previously other domain and only Slovak version. Slovak version - February 2003 (though I think it was earlier) English version - February 2004 BrainDen.com - April 2007 BrainDen.com forum - April 2007 Actually, it was always a few months earlier, just the web archive crawled this web later. It's more about the quality than the quantity. Sometimes too many posts are much worse than 1-2 good posts.
  11. rookie1ja

    I agree - there might be a greater fan than me who watches BD closely more than 340 days per year for more than 7 years
  12. rookie1ja

    How exactly can you prove that you are the greatest fan ?
  13. rookie1ja

    Italy - road trip

    From Venezia through Bologna, Padova, Firenze, Pisa, Siena, Roma, Vaticano to the perfect beaches of Peschici. July 2010.
  14. Personally, I don't use +. I use either advanced forum search (if too many results are found by regular forum search) or google search from the homepage BrainDen.com.

  15. NickFleming, another repost. Some previous threads including the same puzzle (keyword rocks or ice):

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