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  1. Molly Mae

    Is that a Jim Butcher reference? No to both again.
  2. Molly Mae

    anyway This is why I really love explanations. As you've stated, it's not the answer I have intended. There's that fine line that must be walked--too much information will require little thought. Too little information will be too ambiguous. Of course, I'm sure everyone faces that problem when writing riddles.
  3. Molly Mae

    edit change *Head shake* No.
  4. Molly Mae

    Here's a quick edit/rewrite, mostly of the second verse. I'm looking at writing a fourth verse, as well. Group of three With watch near, Gray then black Wise man's fear. An easy mark We slowly slay, Steadfastly bound By toxic pain. Our name we share With another three, But a hundred-some more Attempt mimicry.
  5. Molly Mae

    it is definitely painful..... I like your logic. But no.
  6. Molly Mae

    No to both. I'll be attempting a re-write on the second verse soon.
  7. Molly Mae

    Correct me if I'm wrong. 9!^9!^9! would be larger than ((9^9)^9) In the first example, you continue to increase the exponents vice the bases. Further, it uses fewer characters than the second. I'll go through and do the math in an attempt to see if the below is largest... 9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!^9!!! EDIT: I guess I'm wrong. A little research shows that I am trying to do the same thing just in a different (and incorrect) method.
  8. Molly Mae

    It's funny that you say that. I've heard that a moonless night is one of three things a wise man should fear. But no. Not my intention.
  9. Molly Mae

    You're right. Gray then black. My original rewrite has 'then' so I'm not sure how I screwed it up when I posted. =P And not correct. Sorry.
  10. The plan doesn't really matter anymore. *Shrug* After N1, Jar and I were dead. Percy was inactive. All three of the goodie BTSC were gone until Kitten joined.
  11. Molly Mae

    No. I drive a blue Ford Focus. =P
  12. Molly Mae

    It could be...but not this time.
  13. If only we could have let our play come to fruition. Framm...I figured you'd be the one to kill me. I didn't see Glyc's post, but I figured he was saying something about Zeus being dead. Sorry about that, Slick. =P It was a good game. The narrative was a little hard to follow at times, though.
  14. Molly Mae

    Uh-uh. Although I like that answer.
  15. Molly Mae

    Grue! Still nothing. =P
  16. Molly Mae

    Nothing so far, but I've enjoyed some of the guesses.
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