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    I guess I'll have to be careful about what I say in the main thread.
  2. Molly Mae


    1) Polly Migo [DEAD] - God 2) GMaster479 - voting for Kody 3) Framm 18 [DEAD] - God 4) JarZe 5) golfjunkie 6) akaslickster 7) kody 8) jeffery12109 [DEAD] - Titan 9) peace*out 10) onetruth 11) Beej [DEAD] 12) twin_bro 13) Music [DEAD] 14) harvey45 15) MollyMae - Titan - voting for Kody 16) Phaze [DEAD] - Titan 17) actressgirl Seconded. Golf, I understand your concern. How do you feel about working as a double?
  3. Molly Mae

    It's fine. They're just in the middle of more confusion now. AI--send a message back to Dion. "We're using our numbers to kill them through lynching. I don't know who Poseidon is, but it isn't onetruth. While technically any wincon you may have won't be met if the Titans win, your dedication to the Titans is your victory. If you get recruited by the Olympians, I hope you will continue to help us. I don't think they'd expect a double-agent, especially one of their choosing. The Olympians will fall. Help us make their fall epic." Everyone else--I don't know how Kody keeps surviving. I suggest a different target for now. Harvey or Peace. Lets lynch Kody today.
  4. Molly Mae

    Sorry for the delay. I'm going to transport to 14 and attack kody. Who's everyone attacking today? In the rare case that one of us gets lynched--if we get a plea, choose Dion/Golf. I'm pretty sure he's the only indie alive. EDIT: onetruth--where were you at when you attacked kody last?
  5. Molly Mae

    It's okay. =P I didn't know who to vote for, so I totally used it as a lame excuse to vote for you. Judging by the current votes, I'd say that twin_bro is likely our Mnem. They might just be doing that to throw us off, but it doesn't really matter. We know Framm, peace*out, and harvey are bad. They should be our kill targets.
  6. Molly Mae

    I started the Framm vote. It looks like they're trying to deceive us by voting for different people. It's a simple ruse. We know that Framm, harvey, peace*out, and likely one other (twin_bro or actress, whoever isn't out last titan). We have more than that, plus Mnem has a secret vote by discounting another's vote. Dion is likely the only indie left. Otherwise, there are only three gods. It should be a pretty easy mop up. If we can get Gmaster, Jarze, and one other to also vote for Framm, we should be able to get rid of him without revealing Slick as ours. I'd rather have concealed GMaster, as he's Kronos. Some things can't be helped, though. A.I.--this is likely the best game of Mafia that I've played yet. =P Onetruth--when you arive, welcome. And if anyone has any idea who Mnem is, I'd hoped to RID him. It has to be twin_bro or actress, if he's alive at all. I'm flying to Chicago this afternoon, so I won't be around until some time tomorrow. Godspeed...er...Titanspeed.
  7. Molly Mae


    1) Polly Migo [DEAD] - God 2) GMaster479 3) Framm 18 - God- Voting for Slick 4) JarZe 5) golfjunkie 6) akaslickster 7) kody 8) jeffery12109 [DEAD] - Titan 9) peace*out - Voting for twin_bro 10) onetruth 11) Beej [DEAD] 12) twin_bro 13) Music [DEAD] 14) harvey45 15) MollyMae - Titan - voting for Framm 18 16) Phaze [DEAD] - Titan 17) actressgirl Let's try Framm again. Golfjunkie--I know who you are. I'm not the one you tried to bargain with, but I think you should vote with us. Slick--I haven't a clue who you are, but Framm's obviously out to get you. You, too, should vote with us. Last, I have a free-floating Titan around somewhere. I don't know who you are, but you should vote with us. Our numbers alone might give us this victory. I don't want to kill you unintentionally.
  8. Molly Mae

    I'm on space 11. I don't think you need to block Zeus. Framm can't act today at all, so he won't be attacking anyone.
  9. Molly Mae

    Phaze was Hyperion who got lynched on day 1. Music was Typh, who I totally killed. Other than that, we're all still alive. I didn't suspect JarZe to be Gaia. I never really considered it, though. I've attached the spreadsheet that I've been using. Names in CAPS are dead. The ones up top (in the coloured cells) are pretty much known. Everything below that is suspicions and the like. Jar, you should start changing the whole map to water. =P We need to RID onetruth as Atlas, too. That would get us an extra coordinated attack. Titans.xls
  10. Molly Mae


    I'm afraid disaster looms for both of us. Since we are both powerless, though, the only certainty is that I will not die this night.
  11. Molly Mae

    I guess it's a good thing you didn't change your vote, Slick. =P I'm lucky to be alive right now. Onetruth is Atlas. I'm sure of it. The only indie I'm sure of is golfjunkie being Dion.
  12. Molly Mae

    It looks like Framm will go today. Tonight, her replacement will likely go for me. That should keep the heat off of Kronos for the time being. They'll likely find that I'm not so easy to kill. =P And Framm all but dimed kody out. I'm sure he's bad, and I'm almost convinced he's Poseidon.
  13. Molly Mae


    So how was it to lose Prometheus on D1? If I have followed the what actions have been taking so far. How many people are in your BTSC? If I am right, then I need all of the olympians to vote for MollyMae. I actually never said that I had BTSC. How'd you come across your conclusion? Or are you just trying to avoid being the target of a lynch? Are you an indie? Further, Kronos can only be killed by a melee from Zeus. So either way, you lose. *Shrug*
  14. Molly Mae


    I know you don't have BTSC with kody. But I suspect someone else does. Further, I think you missed the point of my last post. I didn't think you'd be confused from this conversation...
  15. Molly Mae


    Sorry...I'm getting confused trying to sort this out with you. If you are who I think you are, then you should vote for Framm. If you're feeling lost and alone right now, then you're probably on my team. But kody changing his vote likely means that I've misjudged.
  16. Molly Mae


    I opened it. I'm not gonna lie. =P Come on, JarZe. You know you wanna.
  17. Molly Mae

    Not the answer I had intended. If you could relate wheat to a leaf instead of a grass, it would be spot-on.
  18. Molly Mae

    Here I am! (Sorry for killing you, Music...it was thoughtless). Reading through the thread, I don't think you've discovered that onetruth is Atlas. So that's my contribution. I suspect JarZe of being Mnemosyne. That's speculation, though. I do know that golfjunkie is Dionysus and Jeffrey was Rhea. peace*out's not good. I suspect kody of being Poseidon. If anyone can confirm my suspicions as truth or fallacy, I'll hear them. My secret ability is stealing the known ability of anyone who dies on water for use the next night. Tonight, I have two attacks and a save (Rhea and Typhon both died on water).
  19. Molly Mae


    1) Polly Migo [DEAD] - God 2) GMaster479 - voting for Framm18 3) Framm 18 - Voting for JarZe 4) JarZe - Voting for actressgirl 5) golfjunkie - voting for kody 6) akaslickster 7) kody - Voting for JarZe 8) jeffery12109 [DEAD] - Titan 9) peace*out - voting for kody 10) onetruth 11) Beej [DEAD] 12) twin_bro 13) Music [DEAD] 14) harvey45 15) MollyMae - voting for Framm18 16) Phaze [DEAD] - Titan 17) actressgirl Hey JarZe...*poke-poke-hint-hint* EDIT: Removed end quote tag.
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