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  1. Molly Mae

    Forest Mafia

    I'm a forum flounder (which is a substitute word....because of the censor). And I've played Mafia games on different forums. I take my cues from nobody. It's pretty much just a race to the finish. The bear is dead. We still get kills. And you've only got two out of three of us. If I were a gambler, I would bet against you. Because our next move is going to be the one that really kills.
  2. Molly Mae

    Forest Mafia

    1) Mekal voting for reaymond 2) Woon 3) Riranor - voting for Randro 4) Reaymanator - voting for Mekal 5) Randro - voting for Marth 6) JS (DEAD, killed by the Wolves) 7) JarZe (DEAD, killed by the Wolves) 8) Marth 9) scsw (DEAD, found to be the Fox) 10) Molly Mae - voting for Mekal I must've missed your reasoning somewhere. You claim to be good and know that two others are good. How can you eliminate all doubt from them? Unless you are the owl or a wolf. I know you're not the owl. So please, justify your reasoning. We cannot afford to lynch another goodie.
  3. Molly Mae

    Forest Mafia

    Okay...voting for scsw was a mistake. I'm sorry I've been too quiet, but I'm dealing with a military deployment really soon. I wish I had gone with Reay. He seems even more suspicious after he keeps trying to clear his name. I understand that what's done is done and it wasn't a mistake. It just makes me wary. Paranoid, even. I'm almost convinced JarZe is good, as well. I can't see any reason the baddies would stop one of their own on night one except in a desperate attempt to clear one of their own early. If that's the case, they've got me fooled. Jar's got enough experience, I guess, to figure that out. I'm still trying to figure out where Riranor fits in. I'm sorry I'm not much help to you other critters except for observations.
  4. Molly Mae

    Forest Mafia

    1) Mekal - voting for reaymond 2) Woon - voting for reaymond 3) Riranor - voting for woon 4) Reaymanator voting for scsw 5) Randro - Voting for scsw 6) JS (DEAD, killed by the Wolves) 7) JarZe - voting for Molly Mae 8) Marth - Voting for scsw 9) scsw - Voting for randro 10) Molly Mae - Voting for scsw It was a tough call between scsw and reaymond. Reay might have had a legitimate slip-up. Scsw was pretty quick to bandwagon before changing his mind. For now...my vote goes to scsw.
  5. Molly Mae

    Here comes a WoD/VtM one... How many Malkavians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
  6. Molly Mae

    Forest Mafia

    I'm glad to be in on this. My first Mafia with BrainDen. =P
  7. Molly Mae

    Forest Mafia

    1) Mekal (Reserved) 2) Woon (Reserved) 3) Riranor (Reserved) 4)Reaymanator 5)Randro (confirmed) 6) JS 7) JarZe 8) Marth 9) scsw 10) Molly Mae Backups: 1) Slick (Possibly?) 2) 3) Edit: Forgot backups.
  8. You are correct sirs or ma'ams. =P Figured 'rods and cones' might give it away.
  9. My first riddle. I aspire to be just like Shakee someday. Bending backward, up and down Beams not parallel to the ground. Hall of mirrors, at first unknown, Dark and light, rods and cones. Houses of brown, green, and blue-- Two for me and two for you.
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