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    My first is that by which one thinks My second crude and often stinks. Face a puzzle square and true, As a whole, the answer escapes you.
  2. 1. Izzy 2. Peace 3. DudleyDude 4. Harvey 5. GC 6. yuiop 7. golfjunkie 8. filly678 9. Music 10. Blablah 11. Glycereine 12. 24_65.... 13. Abhisk 14. JarZe Backup 1. Framm 2. Slick 3. Molly Mae
  3. Molly Mae

    I voted. =P
  4. Molly Mae

    I think you're intending for them to all be a part of the answer. I'll give it to you, though.
  5. Molly Mae

    While you're not sure you're right, I'm sure you're not right.
  6. Molly Mae

    I don't know what that is, either.
  7. Molly Mae

    I don't know what the 3 R's are... But no to both.
  8. Molly Mae

    All right, now. I've added verse four below. I've left it in a spoiler because that's pretty much what it is. Group of three With watch near, Gray then black Wise man's fear. An easy mark We slowly slay, Steadfastly bound By toxic pain. Our name we share With another three, But a hundred-some more Attempt mimicry.
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