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    Sorry, PG. I've got an edit/rewrite below. Trying to test the line of "too much information." =P Three are we, With watch near, Gray than black Wise man's fear. An easy mark Is slowly slain And quickly bound By constant pain. Our name we do share With yet another three, But a hundred-some more Attempt mimicry.
  2. Molly Mae

    Looking at Gly's gender on the left, I see that he's probably not a she.
  3. Molly Mae

    A lot of riddles can be interpreted through ambiguity. It depends on how far you (the riddle reader) want to push the metaphor. Granted, I'm sure there is no clear line between what was intended and what you can make fit; but I'm sure there can be an area where a majority will rule that a metaphor is too far fetched or lacking substance. But that's one of the beauties of riddling.
  4. Molly Mae

    Again, no to both. I am leaving it as it is for now. I do agree with your opinion on hints, as well. =P EDIT: Gibberish at the bottom...
  5. Molly Mae

    No to both, sorry. I've likely been too vague on this one. I'll edit/re-write if nobody gets it.
  6. Molly Mae

    Three in one Marking time. Gray to black Silent mime. An easy mark Is slowly slain And quickly bound By constant pain. EDIT: Verbage.
  7. Molly Mae

    For the record, as anyone in this BTSC are privy to this information, N1 actions revealed the below information. GROVER: no one was targeted that wasn't killed, and you know who the people who were killed are. Anna: you learned that AG was guessing that slick was percy. I can forward a summary of our BTSC, as well. EDIT: Colour.
  8. Molly Mae

    I could argue the second one... ...but I probably shouldn't.
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