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  1. 6. Murder of Crows

    Yes indeed!

    Pride of lions?

    A congress of baboons?

    A colony of bats? or vultures?

    No to all those.

    Pandemonium of Parrots?

    Really fun one, TL. Well done :)

    Thanks. ;) And yes, you've got this one.

  2. 1. Fervor of Revels

    2. Contest of Majestic Movements

    3. Collection of Exhibitionists

    4. Pitch of Trumpets

    5. Council of Fools

    6. Assassination of Boasts

    7. Clamor of Echoes

    8. Disdain of Winnings

    9. Front of Crotchety Old Biddies

    10.Loads of Oddballs

  3. Thanksgiving Dinner (U.S.) - resulting in a "food coma"

    1. Pardon me, please. I'm roasted.

    2. Floury, waxy, squished till I've popped.

    3. You could say I'm amazing, Colonel.

    4. Shove it. (ahem)

    5. Put me in a boat & I'll paint the whole thing.

    6. Jack & spice & a nerdy number make me a little tart.

    1. Turkey - pardoned yearly by the U.S. President, usually baked/roasted or deep fried Thalia

    2. Mashed Potatoes - floury &/or waxy types of potatoes, cooking causes the starch granules to swell & release amylose, mashing damages the granules more (too much = gluey potatoes, eew!) LumpySpacePrincess

    3. Corn - aka maize, & kernels are the form of the edible portion (Yes, this is a lousy POW. I'm not PG.) LumpySpacePrincess

    4. Stuffing (aka dressing, if it wasn't cooked in the bird) - A turkey is stuffed from the "aft" end DudleyDude

    5. Gravy - 'gravy boat' used to serve, some people put gravy on everything on their Thanksgiving plate DudleyDude

    6. Pumpkin Pie - jack-o-lantern (pumpkin), with spices (& cream & eggs) + pi, which can be served as a tart Plainglazed

  4. figured maybe I can address this one. first thought was Derby pie as that's about the only thing I would mix my Old No 7 in other than ice but with the spice bit, gonna go with Mince Meat Pie? ooh, ooh, strike that. could be I have the wrong jack? - pumpkin pie! (or maybe I just dont know jack)

    Got it with the last one there!

    2. Mashed Potatoes

    3. Corn

    6. Pumpkin Pie

    Welcome to the Den ... hmm, should I call you LSP, spacey, princess ... (You've given us too many possibilities here.) ;) Anyhow, welcome & enjoy!

    You do, indeed, have the rest of the meal there.

    Excuses & credits will have to wait till morning-ish (PST), till then night y'all. :)

  5. Ohhhhhhh, I never knew that green beans were that sacred! Wow! ^_^

    Okay, fine, but I'm going to go enjoy some

    Christmas songs because I'm strange like that


    But please don't shoot me. I'm innocent because I've never treated Mr. Green Bean that way.

    Oh, and sorry for not hiding the Christmas thing, I just realized that probably gave riddle away.


    Sacred, no. Just not one of my favorite vegetables, but if you mistreat them I WILL tell you that you murdered them and now they're useless.

    - after all, you aren't right.


    (& I'm lazy & don't care ... this is supposed to be a quick one anyway!) ;)

  6. 2. Green beans?

    early for Santa and his reindeer!


    If that's what you do to that vegetable, (& I mean this in the nicest possible way) you should be shot. You have to play nicely, treat them like delicate flowers, otherwise you end up with gross mush. :unsure:

    And yes, it is. (It's my riddle, so there's no use arguing.) ;):P

  7. A Sweet potato or maybe Peas, but not sure.

    How have you been TL?

    You may be on the right track there, but neither of those is right.

    (& been doing pretty good mostly, how about you?)

    Now I'm thinking about Christmas......... :mellow:

    2. Cranberry sauce?

    6. Pie? (pi, lol)

    No the 1st, & in the neighborhood for 6.

    too early for that kind of talk!

  8. Mine vary (except in quality - they don't get above mediocre).

    For this one, all 6 follow a related theme - keywords & a little word-play to get the intended answers. :)

    Oh, & if you discover the theme, it should be pretty easy. ;)

  9. A little thematic riddling to ease your mid-week doldrums.

    1. Pardon me, please. I'm roasted.

    2. Floury, waxy, squished till I've popped.

    3. You could say I'm amazing, Colonel.

    4. Shove it. (ahem)

    5. Put me in a boat & I'll paint the whole thing.

    6. Jack & spice & a nerdy number make me a little tart.

  10. Schrödinger’s Cat

    Schrödinger's Cat is a thought experiment in Quantum Mechanics to illustrate a common paradox that describes the behavior of subatomic particles. The cat is not a real cat, but it represents the reality of how particles behave. The cat is locked in a box with a poisonous gas canister rigged to a fifty-fifty device (Einstein's version proposed TNT). It may trigger the gas, thus "putting down" the kitty or it might not. The only way to find out is to look. However, by quantum standards, where the cat represents a particle state or position, it is both dead AND alive until the experimentor actually views it. The act of observation itself impacts what the condition will be. Here's a good explanation:

    Yep, not surprised it was the Dude. I expect we share a common interest in the little things of life.

    :offtopic: Ah, minute physics ... I learn more about actual physics from youtube than I ever did in a class. (Kinda sad.) This is my favorite so far though. :)

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