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  1. So, I propose we agree to some sort of rules. My thoughts are simply this:

    No down repping at all, unless of course the post is so disgusting/offensive/obnoxious as to warrant it. If that is the case then I hope the poster is reported anyway. If someone's answer doesn't tickle your sense of humor, that doesn't make it wrong.

    The problem we have - as Tiger Lily has touched on - is that rep points are currently being handed out like confetti. It used to be that you got a rep point for setting a really good puzzle, or giving a really good answer. I won't go too much into the history of it, but I think we may have gone too far down the road to return to the old ways.

    Please add your own comments, and hopefully we can swiftly get some rules in place.

    Here's where I find the sticking point to this debate:

    Once you give rep points (positive or negative) to a post, you can't then remove them later.

    I think it's fair for a person to decide they wouldn't have given a post rep points except to vote in this game situation & want to return to "neutral" for that post after voting is closed.

    So, if rookie can (after all, it might not be an option in the current set up) AND is willing (it might be a pain in the a$$) to allow members to change the status of the reps they've given on a post, I think it's fair for members to make up their own mind about changing the status of their "vote" after voting is closed for that subject. If not, well - continue as we've begun is probably the easiest.

    At the very least, there should be absolutely NO DOWN-REPPING for the current voting.

  2. I love school so much that I may have to join Students for Life (Anonymous) to get help because I'm considering going back to school (AGAIN) for a PhD this time, and isn't that just insane???

  3. Since it's currently a 3-way tie, and it *is* time for today to be over (so why am I still at work then??), a little eenie meenie miney moe was used to determine that today's winner is ...

    Bong, you're up! :)

    (Edit for: Sorry maurice & Zweefer, but in the end you have to blame it on the "moe".)

  4. & when you press this screwdriver into the electrical socket, realize that:

    1)It's a bad idea in the first place.

    2)It's an even worse idea if the power isn't off.

    3)Though your hair may do an Einstein, you are still an idiot. And

    4)If you die, I get all your stuff.

  5. :offtopic: I've considered asking y'all about down-repping on this topic after the day's phrase is done - because in a way I don't think it's "fair" to give someone rep points for a game that's only about gaining rep points. (Though I think I'd get yelled at, from what I'm seeing.) But to each their own. Again, I don't care if you want to remove my rep points FROM THIS TOPIC because it's a game. Though I'd be a little miffed if you down-repped one of my riddles or replies elsewhere that wasn't salacious or inappropriate.

    Moving on ...

    It appears to be a tie between Unicorn Meat & Anti-teamwork. Sorry Bong, but I'm afraid unicorn spam trumps working against each other in this instance.

    You're up fabpig! :)

  6. Smoking (food)

    I add depth to fine beverages Smoking is sometimes used to flavor tea & liquors.

    Many foods I help to keep It is used to preserve a variety of foods - vegetables, fish, cheese, meats, etc.

    Tradition, having plenty It has been used for a *very* long time.

    Delicious bounty do you reap Mmm, barbeque ... amongst other things.

    From fruit & forest do I come Woods used for smoking are fruit & hardwood species.

    Cold & hot to do the job Smoking methods include hot smoking & cold smoking.

    Lock where I live & work

    Or be sad when you are robbed Smokehouse - A building where foods are both smoked & stored, and in some places/times would be subject to thievery.

  7. Vanilla :

    1.It is used as flavor to some drinks

    2. I am not sure if it is a preservative though

    3.it makes food delicious

    4. It is obtained from pods of fruits

    5.it can be used to flavor hot foods ( desserts)or cold(ice cream)

    6. It is said to be very expensive that robbery often occurs

    Sorry brix, what I have in mind is absolutely used to preserve.

  8. back for another guess...

    soy? specifically soy sauce...

    Sorry LJ, not what I'm looking for.


    From Dictionary.com:

    1. to keep safe from danger or harm; protect

    5. to prepare (food), as by freezing, drying, or salting, so that it will resist decomposition

    11. ( usually plural ) fruit, etc, prepared by cooking with sugar

    Another good guess, but too close to the clues, which only point in the direction of the intended answer.
  9. I have a personal stalk-er. I call him celery. He follows me & stares accusingly as I eat ice cream. Sometime he beats me in my sleep with those lignified ribs of his. Those pale celedon leaves shake menacingly when I reach for the cookies. I think I'll throw him out tomorrow.

  10. I found some more perservative/ flavors

    Welcome to the Den BusyMom! Hope you enjoy it here.

    I see where you're coming from with this answer, but it doesn't quite fit.

    The last 2 lines most differentiate the answer. Take them rather literally. (except probably the "live" part)

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