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  1. It looks like you found it. :)

    Hope you like it here! I'm not a mafioso, but there are m.a.n.y who are & will be happy to help you out. Check with Hirkala if you want to start off easy with a "training" mafia, or read through some of the threads & decide if you think you can jump in right away - feel free to sign up where they've got openings.

  2. & then you don't have to use a title. Can't do that until after it's inserted though.

    [ spoiler = '' ] this is what it would look like (without the spaces) [ / spoiler ] , then you'd have to delete the apostrophes after the = before hitting Post.

  3. I have no idea but,

    Is it walnut or any kind of nut (peanut, etc.)????

    I did not read all of the posts.

    While I'm all for riddles involving nuts (it's what I do every day, after all), this one is not about that.

    ascorbic acid - vitamin c

    Sorry fabby, no.

  4. Curry? Probably not it, but the whole flavor thing kinda got me thinking. And then a bunch of my friends like to make fun of me and curry, so it's always on my mind... *walks off while singing a rendition of Fireflies called "Curryflies"*

    Haha, I like the answer (& yumm!!) but no, not what I'm looking for. ^_^

  5. barley

    although i can't see how it fits everything

    'Tis ok, though this guess is not it.

    bitters? still on the booze idea - locked and robbed liquor cabinet seems to work but not sure on the preservation front. ooh, or maybe lemon?

    Sorry PG, the fine beverages require something different.

  6. rosemary extract

    A good try, but doesn't quite fit all the clues.


    Yeast add's depth to fine beverages through fermentation, i.e. making them alcoholic.

    Yeast helps preserve some foods.

    Having more yeast means the drink will be more alcoholic (delicious bounty).

    Yeast comes from the skin of apples and grapes (fruits and forests)

    Different strains of yeast grow best in differing temperatures, varying from -2 to 45 degrees Celsius (hot and cold)

    If the yeast isn't "lock[ed]" up then oxygen will prevent fermentation from occurring and you will be sad because your drinks potential alcoholic content is nullified. Your alcohol got "robbed!" :)

    A good guess, one of the few meant to *almost* work, but perhaps you need to take "lock" more literally. :ph34r:

  7. I think its either :

    1. Pepper


    2. cinammon

    This is probably really far off but is it water?

    Sorry, but none of those are correct.

    In future, please remember to use spoilers to hide your answers so those who don't want to see others' answers don't have to. -_-

    (It's the blue square S button on the reply box.)

    & me, welcome to the Den! :)

  8. Like the new look rookie! It'll take a bit of getting used to, but thanks for the improvements & all the work you put into the Den. :)

    A couple things I have noticed:

    Occasionally when I try to reply, I hit quote or multiquote & nothing shows up in the box.

    Sometimes repeat clicking causes the info to appear, sometimes not.

    Sometimes when repeat clicking does not work, there is a google +1 button in the reply area.

    - I think the +1 problem was only appearing on my laptop (linux fedora 14), & not my desktop (windows xp).

    If repeat clicking didn't work & I was trying to multiquote, after navigating to a different page, the "Reply to (X) quoted posts" button appears on the different page.

    Also, the spoiler button (don't know if it's always or sometimes) seems to be unhappy leaving the title out, unless you remove the apostrophe quotes manually after inserting the spoiler.

    can you see me?

  9. spice ?

    Not what I'm looking for, but somewhat "closer" to the answer than anything else so far.

    Hi there!! Its great to be back!!.I'm a bit out of practice but here goes....



    Hey there Tralala! Thanks for giving this one a try, but none of those are it.

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