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  1. Schrödinger’s Cat

    Schrödinger's Cat is a thought experiment in Quantum Mechanics to illustrate a common paradox that describes the behavior of subatomic particles. The cat is not a real cat, but it represents the reality of how particles behave. The cat is locked in a box with a poisonous gas canister rigged to a fifty-fifty device (Einstein's version proposed TNT). It may trigger the gas, thus "putting down" the kitty or it might not. The only way to find out is to look. However, by quantum standards, where the cat represents a particle state or position, it is both dead AND alive until the experimentor actually views it. The act of observation itself impacts what the condition will be. Here's a good explanation:

    Yep, not surprised it was the Dude. I expect we share a common interest in the little things of life.

    :offtopic: Ah, minute physics ... I learn more about actual physics from youtube than I ever did in a class. (Kinda sad.) This is my favorite so far though. :)

  2. Today, on the Maury Povich show:

    Guy: My girl's pregnant, but she says I'm not the father. I've never been with anyone else.

    Scientist: Correlation isn't causation.

    Guy: That's what she said.

  3. It's fall, my favorite time of year - and I live in NorCal where the visual evidence of fall (mainly the tree leaves' color change) lasts maybe 2 weeks. I was halfway to work today before I noticed that the visual change was finally happening around here - a 30 min drive past quite a few different types of trees. Normally I look at the scenery, see what's being harvested, what's in bloom, where an idiot threw a lit cigarette into the median & caused a fire, etc., but today I was preoccupied with work before I even got there.

    Fall is short around here. No more work-think on the drive while it's light out & there's stuff to see.

  4. When you bring home food (leftovers, take out, groceries), LICK IT ALL before putting it away.

    Leave a bit of leftover food (something with a bit of meat or milk, low in acid, moist) in an open container in a prominent place. Tell your roommate it's part of an important class assignment and s/he ABSOLUTELY CANNOT throw it away. (Live with the smell.) When it gets so bad that it "mysteriously" disappears, hold a wake.

    Keep a "Progress" calendar that you check off each day you didn't seriously injure, maim, or kill someone. Be sure to leave some days unmarked.

    Remove their shoelaces. If possible, while they're still wearing the shoes.

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  5. After trying the nice, try-to-keep-cabinets-intact way, we got out the mallets and started real demo on the wall & ceiling cabinets.

    End result: The drywall won't require major repairs, no fires, no major injuries (nails to the shoulder don't count, right?), only one minor case of electrocution (turns out the vent hood wasn't on the same circuit), and a few splinters and split skin instances.

    My only real thought when it was done?

    It was a lot better than I expected ... Now what's going to go wrong on the rest of the remodel - because I live by Murphy's Law. :P

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