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  1. Come, dance with me, now

    Child of two nations evolved

    Combination, styles confused

    Resulting in many songs

    Some know me by a gesture

    Though more formal as I am

    Wearing well about your shape

    One last clue, I end with this-

    A game of balls and cups is

    Not my name.

  2. As promised -


    (Honey) Bees make honey by gathering sugary flower nectar, then ingesting & regurgitating it many times.

    After it's "right", the partially-digested nectar is stored in honeycombs and fanned by bees' wings to evaporate the water.

    - This concentrates the sugars to a point that bacteria, mold, & yeasts won't grow or ferment.

    Covered by wax for "long term" storage.

    After taking out the honeycomb, the surface wax is carefully broken open (uncapped)

    & the comb is placed in a centrifuge-like device and spun to remove the honey

    Honey grades based on quality

    Honey is sometimes known as "Liquid gold"

    Honey can vary based on flower the nectar is taken from, color, amount of filtration, and various other parameters

  3. Ok, this one is driving me crazy cause the most logical answers Wine and Cheese have been ruled out. I'll try some more tonight when i get back to work. but for now, i'm gonna guess "Coconut" ? Yes random i know. lol

    My guess.


    honey, honey?

    PG takes takes this one, boys!

    Am away for the weekend, but will post an explanation tomorrow. :)

  4. a sword?

    It sounds a little like

    baking bread...

    first three lines refer to proofing the yeast

    fourth to allowing the dough to sit after a first mixing

    fifth and sixth to a second kneading before baking

    although I'm not sure if dough or bread is "graded", unless grade is used as a synonym for scored and is referring to a slice down a middle of a loaf of bread

    Sorry guys, neither of those.

    (Plasmid, I did one of those WAAAY back when.)

  5. Probably too obvious but it sounds like

    a bottle of wine

    Well that is exactly ... the thing it's supposed to sound like, but *isn't*. ;)

    There are a few subtle differences required if that were the answer.

    This one's a tad on the esoteric knowledge side. (Where tad could possibly be a heaping helping. We shall see. -_- )

  6. A delicate sip, hold, & spit.

    Do it again, 'til you know it's right.

    Airing out to keep it nice,

    Then covered, out of sight.

    Bring it out, crack it open

    Spin it round & round.

    Graded well, you'll enjoy

    The treasure you have found.

  7. Welcome to the Den plp!

    Lots of things you can learn here -

    How to write riddles & brain problems, think sneakily, use lots of smileys (a la MiKi & EDM), kill or be killed (a la mafia), lousy jokes, and how to become OCD about various personages' new postings.

    Enjoy our crazy. :)

  8. When time runs, which direction does it take? Sometimes time runs out, but it can also run down, run up, run right ... And why does it run? What's wrong with a leisurely stroll? Or a swim? Seriously, time needs to get out more ...

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