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  1. (stealing from my FB status because I actually did this, except dyslexic reading -)

    Beacon Lecturers, not Bacon Lectures! Although those do sound much more interesting & delicious!

  2. Names for a flock/grouping of birds

    1. Fervor of Revels = Exaltation of Larks (Wilson)

    2. Contest of Majestic Movements = Game of Swans (MissKitten)

    3. Collection of Exhibitionists = Muster of Peacocks (Plainglazed)

    4. Pitch of Trumpets = Cast of Hawks (DudleyDude)

    5. Council of Fools = Parliament of Rooks ('Cat'astrophe)

    6. Assassination of Boasts = Murder of Crows (Plainglazed)

    7. Clamor of Echoes = Pandemonium of Parrots (DudleyDude)

    8. Disdain of Winnings = Unkindness of Ravens (SMV)

    9. Front of Crotchety Old Biddies = Covert of Coots (SMV, with some credit to PG)

    10.Loads of Oddballs = Raft of Ducks (DudleyDude)

  3. had been thinking grouse for biddies or some other hen but with the extra clue think the bird part is more likely coots. as for the grouping...


    This is the first time I got the right answer for a word riddle! :lol:

    I'm feeling pretty smart at the moment!!! :D

    Really great puzzle tiger lily!

    Congrats on your first solve then! & thanks ^_^

  4. I blame smoking for leaving me with bad taste.

    I appreciate Poe, but only through works like the Oblong Box and Silence--a Fable. It turns me off to hear people quote the Raven...

    :offtopic: Nevermore? :P

    (Sorry, I had to or the voices were going to be angry with me.)

  5. Parliament of rooks

    Team of ducks

    Correct for the 1st, but still off on the 2nd. (That one may require a thesauraus - I had to use one to find a more difficult synonym.)

    Edit for: That leaves 8, 9, & 10 remaining.

  6. Glad you're wanting to add to the Den Finix, but please remember to run a search for riddles that aren't your own - this one has been posted many times before. That said, hope you continue riddling with us. :)

    & Unicorn, the spoiler tags require brackets - [ ] (& correct spelling, oops!) to work correctly. You can also use the button in the reply frame - it's the blue box with an S in it. Just type in a title and your answer & click ok & it will do the coding for you.

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