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  1. Waiting, again II

  2. Waiting, again II

    <spoiler> Before any coin is flipped, there are an even number of heads. This is the Even state; if a Head is flipped, we go to the Odd state. Whenever we flip a Tail in Even state, we are back to zero which is Even state. If we get a Tail in Odd state, we win! If we get a Head in Odd state, we go to Even state. If we get a tail in Even state, we go to Odd state. </spoiler>
  3. Waiting, again

    Gardner sets high standard in many ways. I was a child reading Childrens Activities and a few years later I was enjoying hexaflexagons and later mathematical games. I was kneeling behind you in worship. i enjoy the puzzles here, and sometimes I don’t understand something that is obvious to anyone else. I think I may have a touch of ambiguity flu. Keep on puzzling, Bonanova!
  4. Waiting, again

    Thank you Bonanova, sorry to be so dense
  5. Waiting, again

    I want to be sure I’ve got this right. There are six (presumably distinguishable) dice. I want to demonstrate that each is capable of showing all six faces. Paul lets me roll all six (and tabulate which individual dice showed which numbers) charges $1 for the combined roll, and pays $50 when the tabulations show each die has shown all six faces. Peter has me roll one die at a time, charges $1 for the individual roll, tabulates the results, and pays $20 when each die has shown all six faces. OR... my Termination condition is seeing all six numbers on the table at once. Paul has me roll all 6 dice each time, and only pays me if I roll a full straight (123456). Peter lets me roll one die at a time, once I’ve rolled all six dice, he lets me improve my hand by rolling a single die that duplicates another one, and pays once all six numbers are showing.
  6. Hurry up and Wait

  7. Adapting a classic crossing puzzle

    Good job slashpuzzler! And neat puzzle BMAD!
  8. Two can tango

    Nice job, araver! Nice puzzle, bonanova
  9. Soldiers in a field

    Maybe this is clearer and more accurate than my previous try. Point one:
  10. Line splitting

    It's been a long time. Here's a recharacterization that recognizes a much smaller search space: Overview Definitions and additional constraint LineSplittingMValues.xlsx BonanovaSequence.xlsx
  11. Count the Flags

    Gavin, I agree, a permeable chain is necessary. Here’s a simplified (and still incomplete) proposal:
  12. Distance between nails

    Bonanova, I see your point (forehead slap echo). BMAD fooled us.
  13. Who can go the lowest?

    Thanks, BMAD, I understand now