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  1. Thalia, Looks like 8 is violated by your answer. I expect the black queen and white knight to be on the same row or same column.
  2. Kradec, here’s my argument:
  3. Question about #13, which sounds to me like a conflict. should it read “ nothing is south of the one black rook, which is on the edge”? or should it read “ nothing is south of the white rook that is on the edge” or even “one of the white rooks is on the edge, and has nothing south of it”? for that matter, should it name a different piece than white rook?
  4. I think not: please check my counting
  5. Plasmid, In what sense is this not a total solution?
  6. I question whether the information given about a figure is sufficient to uniquely determine the number of included squares:
  7. While this doesn’t answer the question with randomly placed 1s, I think it does give an upper bound to the number of columns that can be removed.
  8. Much more satisfying, thank you!
  9. Oooh, sounds like you’ve nailed it, plainglazed.
  10. Here's a different rectangle that may work: Pennies and Rectangle.pdf
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