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  1. Maybe this is clear:
  2. CaptainEd

    Bowling for equilateral triangles

    Dang! I guess I was using fuzzy logic.
  3. CaptainEd

    Bowling for equilateral triangles

    That’s my issue, for sure.
  4. CaptainEd

    Brainden races

    Nice, Bonanova! Definitely not the obvious answer.
  5. CaptainEd

    Brick quickie

    Rocdocmac, I found it to be interesting, and I felt I learned something while attempting to solve it. Also I was impressed at the originality of the problem. Thanks! Thalia, thanks for showing us that I wasn’t crazy!
  6. CaptainEd

    the distinguished matrix

    After elimination of columns, do the row totals all still have to be equal (although maybe equal to 6 or 5?)
  7. CaptainEd

    Brick quickie

    I’m sad that I don’t get it yet, maybe I don’t know what “circumference” means...
  8. CaptainEd

    Brick quickie

    Nice puzzle, Rocdocmac, I think the desired answer is
  9. CaptainEd


    Plainglazed, you asked perfectly clearly. I wish I had done such a clear job of answering as bonanova did. Thanks for the fun puzzle!
  10. CaptainEd

    Squares on a plywood

    Ooh, now I see what you mean. Much different problem. Sorry
  11. CaptainEd

    Squares on a plywood

    Sorry, proof was right, but method for calculation was confusing
  12. CaptainEd

    Squares on a plywood

    Hah! It’s exactly right!
  13. CaptainEd

    Squares on a plywood

    Tricky enough as it is—here is my first cut
  14. CaptainEd

    Squares on a plywood

    We are not limited to convex figures, right?
  15. CaptainEd


    Mixed strategies for you and for me