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  1. Dumb robot

    Thanks for pruning unnecessary instructions.
  2. Dumb robot

    Harey, I’m with you: there’s a crazy number of possible mazes just in n=3. I think I’ve got them covered:
  3. Dumb robot

    Harey, can we assume as Molly Mae did, that there is no maze, but only a simple path? I assumed otherwise, that it can be a maze, so I imagined a figure H, with only two cells with cement (top center and bottom center).
  4. Dumb robot

    I must be wrong, imagine a capital H in a 3x3 grid. How do I get to the crossbar? Any Down or Up would take me to the bottom or top of the left vertical bar, with no way to stop in the middle. So, now I guess that each instruction moves the robots either 0 or 1 spaces.
  5. Dumb robot

    I gather that when it sees Left, it goes as far left as possible until it hits cement.
  6. Heads up

    Oops! Good point!
  7. Heads up

    Naive again
  8. Nice approach, Molly Mae!
  9. Breaking a three-way tie

  10. Video Game Logic

    Perhaps your question may hinge on the source of variability. Pistol has 5-7. In any skirmish, is the choice between 5, 6, 7 made by the program randomly? Or does it depend upon distance to target? Or visibility ( like heavy, light or no fog)? And, as Pickett points out, damage radius is a key parameter of the Dupuy lethality index.
  11. Three matches

    My first answer:
  12. Coin hunt

    Fuzzy thoughts:
  13. Circus Bears

    Oops, scoots/jumps count adjustments and comment on bonus question
  14. Circus Bears

    First question: