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  1. Spelling Beehive

    Oops, I was double counting A's occasionally, and i have no idea how I missed all the paths from Zs. Now I buy your numbers, hross. As Bonanova said, it couldn't be that easy...
  2. Spelling Beehive

    Finally, got to my laptop, where I can use spoilers Additional paths:
  3. Spelling Beehive

    I think we need to add some more, namely the paths that start and end in the outer layer. I can't give a spoiler using my iPhone, so I leave the answer as an exercise to the reader.
  4. Star Lord

    The solution given on your website is fascinating. I learned something basic about spheres today! Thanks!
  5. Star Lord

    Yes, I expect my 2 Policeman strategy to fail. For example, suppose they landed on a spherical Earth. StarLord could start by walking around a circle enclosing 1/2 sq mile, then walk to another quadrant (while P2 is hurrying to get to SL's latitude). Once SL is trapped in that quadrant, walking one inch from the equator and Prime Meridian (thereby giving up a little less than 1/2 square mile), SL can capture slightly more than the quarter in total. i'm floundering with finding a 2 P strategy: The 1 P strategy is applicable and effective as soon as the game begins, so SL has no time to grab something outside the trap, but my 2 P strategy takes time before the quadrant can be nailed down.
  6. 3 remarkable numbers

    Mike, I agree that is interestingly Googlable. But my comment was that Bonanova was able to come up with something using exactly those numbers in an entirely different context. Both of these findings are remarkable!
  7. 3 remarkable numbers

    Bonanova, that's a remarkable numerologicalfind!
  8. Star Lord

    Better answers: 1 Policeman 2 Policemen
  9. Star Lord

    @Dejmar,If I understand it right, a stationary policeman will do no good. The Star Lord can circumnavigate, grabbing 50%. Then, the Star Lord can turn 90 degrees and cut off an additional quarter, then turn 135 degrees and cut off an additional eighth, and so on. Here's myguaranteed bad answer (because it, too, allows SL to get more than half). As I understand it, P restricts SL not only by threat of capture, but by driving SL into SL's already-captured territory. This doesn't stop SL, but at least he isn't capturing additional territory. But, since they have the same speed, is it even possible to prevent him from moving to the other side of his already captured territory and adding to it? This a tough puzzle.
  10. Dangerous safari?

    I doubt my answer is as deep as your question, but...
  11. Game of Dodge

    Hints and (deeper) solution
  12. Game of Dodge

    Player 2, biased by Georg! (I'd give more details, but my phone doesn't let me make a spoiler)
  13. Finding a triangle in a circle

    Perhaps Bonanova's point is that
  14. Gold Bar on a Bus

    Somehow, the notion of "Au to bus" jumps to mind, but I don't see it supporting an answer.
  15. liar and truth-teller

    my answer: