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  1. This is similar to the proofreaders problem.
  2. The kitchen scale: I’m trying to understand the 2g precision. Does that mean that if Ng is placed on it, it will display any number from N-1 to N+1 inclusive? Or N-2 through N+2? Or something else?
  3. Interesting! Does the line of boxes have an origin? Like 1 to infinity? Or is it from negative infinity to positive infinity?
  4. Here’s one way, there may be a quicker one.
  5. I assume that they also all get the clue that their numbers are unique.
  6. Thank you Rocdocmac. Once I’m done with this, I’m going to take a high level math class on how to divide by 4.
  7. How embarrassing! I see your point, Rocdocmac. Here’s the new improved answer:
  8. I’m pretty sure I know; the answer follows and then hidden analysis:
  9. Event Horizon, you have shed a lot of light on this puzzle! Your observations about the 4-triangle and 1+ 3^n are quite surprising and pleasing. It is I who brute forced it; you actually came to a deeper understanding. I’ll send you kudos as well.
  10. Sorry, typographical error in line (3) Should end: ...EG-F;FH-G;GI-H;HJ-I
  11. This is a great example of a puzzle “where intuition might suggest wrong answer.” Thanks Bonanova, and shout out to Event Horizon for showing us the right answer!
  12. Are we guaranteed that no two questions have the same answer? Or are duplications possible? Player VI duplicated one letter, so I’m wondering about the latter possibility.
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