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  1. oops error! My point #3 is too close to #1. Back in a bit...
  2. OK, plasmid, I've squeezed them around a bit, and I'm down to 5 extra crumbs.
  3. I’ll try a little longer, it’s a useful tool for testing out alternatives. I’m impressed with your 5 extras!
  4. Locations, as promised, for pentagon, in the columns labelled x and y.
  5. I believe I’ve got an answer, but the precise locations will come later when I can get to Excel on something easier than my phone.
  6. Definitely an interesting puzzle with a new principle; nice job, Plasmid! Partial analysis:
  7. Silly question: are we required to make the paths as straight lines: AC, CB, BD?
  8. Ok rocdocmac, Thalia has saved me from solvers remorse. Cute puzzle
  9. Another derailed train of thought:
  10. Ooh! Even better than Rocdocmac’s brass!
  11. I need a better Babelfish; I feel like the character Easy in Cahoots Macbeth. It is very funny seeing both of you (and presumably the rest of the Den) know what you’re talking about, while I am clueless. Thanks for trying to help, Rocdocmac. :-)
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