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  1. Amoeba evacuation puzzle

    Looks like I misunderstood the initial configuration. I assumed the x's were already amoeba and not just space to vacate.
  2. A Boggle-like Challenge

    Yay for integer sequences (found using your 19355 )...
  3. A Boggle-like Challenge

  4. A Boggle-like Challenge

  5. A Challenged Flight Deck

    I think the bit debt idea will always have situations that produce contradictions, so I'm thinking it should be discarded. I looked over plainglazed's 38, and I think it works. Nice. Edit: I got another 38. It's slightly more complicated (1 more branch needed), but is based on yours, so I won't bother posting it. It uses 6of8's and 5of8's in combinations instead of groups of 5's in a bigger group of 20.
  6. A Challenged Flight Deck

    Example 2 shows that this method does not work as I thought it did, since I reached a contradiction. So back to the drawing board... hopefully something from this can be salvaged. I think it may still work, but that I can't 'borrow' quite as many bits as I thought. I think there needs to be a 1 bit buffer at all times. Hopefully that solves the issue, but I'll need to look into it.
  7. Dicey Permutations

    So, after reading your post and looking at the fewest for 3 again. I thought of one configuration to try. Since testing a configuration with my code is fast, I threw it into my code and...
  8. Dicey Permutations

  9. A Challenged Flight Deck

  10. A Challenged Flight Deck

    I've got a strategy that gets 38 (or more) on 99.8% of decks, and needs one more bit on the rest... one bit... grr. Edit: Hey... 500th post! v v v v doesn't work Edit 2: I got a strategy that guarantees 38. I'm going to flush out this idea before posting (hoping I can get 39).
  11. A Challenged Flight Deck

  12. A Challenged Flight Deck