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  1. I looked at that for a while. Though it's not much, here's what I got...
  2. This puzzle is not quite solved yet. So here's my attempt
  3. I installed the plus4 app, and it is just a mastermind clone. +x means you have x numbers in the right spot, and -x means you have x numbers right, but they are in the wrong spots. It could be that a guess would result in +2-2, meaning that you have all the right numbers, but two are in the wrong spots.
  4. So the best you can do is 00 00 or 0 0 ... 0 0 000...00
  5. Looks like I misunderstood the initial configuration. I assumed the x's were already amoeba and not just space to vacate.
  6. Example 2 is not looking good. Perhaps it is unsolvable....
  7. Yay for integer sequences (found using your 19355 )... Time to look at 3-regular graphs... which aren't as simple and quite possibly don't have this property. So it looks like we basically just need to find how many 8-regular graphs there are with 26 labeled vertices. It'll be off by a little, but will be a good estimate for N.
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