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  1. Some maximum permutations/combinations Some code (yay for global variables.... yeah... i was lazy) code also attached. main.cpp Example usage
  2. So people don't need to register for an account at mathhelpboards.com to see those images...
  3. Looks like a variation of the Siamese method for constructing n-odd magic squares.
  4. While the hole that the groundhog starts in is unknown, it is one specific hole and its movements are as described. No matter what hole it starts in, given its described movement, the strategy given will eventually find it. You make it seem like the groundhog can teleport just because it's starting hole was unknown. Given your "about 17 holes outside" example, it would take just one or two (depending on parity) rounds of area clearing/expansion to get it. It does not matter that there are more holes outside the area, it will eventually be trapped and caught.
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