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  1. Event Horizon, you have shed a lot of light on this puzzle! Your observations about the 4-triangle and 1+ 3^n are quite surprising and pleasing. It is I who brute forced it; you actually came to a deeper understanding. I’ll send you kudos as well.
  2. Sorry, typographical error in line (3) Should end: ...EG-F;FH-G;GI-H;HJ-I
  3. Answer and proof:
  4. This is a great example of a puzzle “where intuition might suggest wrong answer.” Thanks Bonanova, and shout out to Event Horizon for showing us the right answer!
  5. Are we guaranteed that no two questions have the same answer? Or are duplications possible? Player VI duplicated one letter, so I’m wondering about the latter possibility.
  6. Since you’ve posed this riddle in the Logic/Math area rather than Riddles...
  7. EventHorizon, that sounds more convincing than my posts, thanks!
  8. How did all those 2/11 become Thalia’s answer?
  9. oops error! My point #3 is too close to #1. Back in a bit...
  10. OK, plasmid, I've squeezed them around a bit, and I'm down to 5 extra crumbs.
  11. I’ll try a little longer, it’s a useful tool for testing out alternatives. I’m impressed with your 5 extras!
  12. Locations, as promised, for pentagon, in the columns labelled x and y.
  13. I believe I’ve got an answer, but the precise locations will come later when I can get to Excel on something easier than my phone.
  14. Definitely an interesting puzzle with a new principle; nice job, Plasmid! Partial analysis:
  15. Silly question: are we required to make the paths as straight lines: AC, CB, BD?
  16. Ok rocdocmac, Thalia has saved me from solvers remorse. Cute puzzle
  17. Another derailed train of thought:
  18. Ooh! Even better than Rocdocmac’s brass!
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