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  1. For the second version, with the 1g precision scale, it is possible to go up to 41610 cases and not only 41010. I forgot one trick. sorry about that.
  2. @CaptainEd : there is some idea... I just remind you that you can use the scales only two times each!
  3. Hi, this is a riddle I just created. Sorry for my broken English, it's not my native language. There are two version of almost the same idea. The 1st one is purest, but the second one is more tricky. I think it's quite difficult to solve, but there is no need for any mathemical knowledge. First version of the riddle A poker manufacturer has created 10201 cases each containing 100 chips. (Note: 10201=101*101) 10200 of these cases are perfect and each of their chips weighs 10g. One of these cases is defective and its 100 chips weigh 11g each. In order to determine which of the 1020
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