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  1. One hundred people line up to board an airplane. Each has a boarding pass with assigned seat. However, the first person to board has lost his boarding pass and takes a random seat. After that, each person takes the assigned seat if it is unoccupied, and one of unoccupied seats at random otherwise. What is the probability that the last person to board gets to sit in his assigned seat?
  2. To find the bug the number of boxes between the box that u opened already and the box that the bug exists should be an odd number . When ever u move to another box and then bug also moves to other box then the number of boxes between your box and rat box should add up to two or zero. The nature of number of boxes remains same (if odd it remains odd if even remains even) So now start from 1 and go to 10 definitely there is a crossing point of u and bug. if not occurs then intially u and bug are differ by even number of boxes so when u reaches 10 open the box 10 again then now the number of boxes that u and bug separated by an odd number of boxes so now move to number 1 box backward and there will be a point of crossing .u will find a bug .
  3. The barber is a woman The barber is a woman
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