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  1. Pickett

    I would recommend doing what preflop did and "riddle-ifying" the taglines, so that they are harder to figure out...
  2. Pickett

    One nice thing about wild shots in the dark, is sometimes you end up hitting something.... You missed this time, but that shouldn't stop you
  3. Pickett

    And I definitely used the hint...without that, I may have only gotten 1 or 2...but that definitely helped
  4. Pickett

    Hmm...Nope, he's leading you down the wrong track...although anyone in the world can go down that track thanks to him
  5. Pickett

    Nope, not him... I'm sort of excited...this MAY be my first post to become a "Hot Topic"! we'll see...Maybe I'll give a clue in a little bit...
  6. Pickett

    No and No...good guesses though It is not Paul Bunyan...it is a real historical figure (could be living, could be dead...) Nope, it is a real person...not just a song. Good guess though Hmm...I like the thought process, but alas, it is incorrect. But hey, to add to your thoughts, a lot of people "hide" from Jehovah's witnesses when they come around door to door (not saying I am one of them...just commenting that I know a lot of people do)...but the answer is still incorrect
  7. Pickett

    Nope, sorry... No...I like the out-of-the-box thinking...but in this case, this is actually a person, not an idea/thought/etc... Nope...
  8. Pickett

    This one has already been posted before: here Just use the Search before posting a riddle...searching for "Friday +cowboy" found this post. Welcome to the Den!!
  9. Pickett

    Well that's the OBVIOUS answer...but no, not the one I'm looking for Nope...
  10. Pickett

    This one may be a bit easier...enjoy I'm sure you've heard No one's greater than me I'm the best there has been In the whole of history Ironworker by name and work it I did. I used it for my glory and from me, many hid. I see millions of commuters to and from many lands. My face can be seen in million's of hands. No one knows where I am right now Solve this riddle and to you I will bow...
  11. Pickett

    DING DING DING!!! We have a winner! Wow, with all the guesses around music, I was really beginning to "Wonder" if anyone would get this one!! NICELY DONE!!! I declare this riddle solved!
  12. Pickett

    No...although I did own one for years...I now have a John Petrucci Ernie Ball/Music Man guitar...that is also not the answer though...
  13. Pickett

    Nope Amazingly (while not actually "close"), you have had the best guess so far :c)
  14. Pickett

    No, No, No... No, No... Hmm...maybe a small hint is in order...hopefully I didn't make this one too hard :c)
  15. Pickett

    Nope, sorry... No, No, No... With regards to the hint...hm....It's still pretty early for a hint...
  16. Pickett

    It's understandable...because it uses different wording...took me a little while to find it: Here it is
  17. Pickett

    Nope...I am a self-proclaimed "beer-snob"...so if I were to write a riddle about beer, it definitely wouldn't be Budwiser (no offense to Bud-drinkers out there...) Nope, sorry...
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