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  1. Pickett

    OOps, didn't realize that they needed to be cubes...n/m :c)
  2. Pickett

    Ah, well played...I agree with this...I can't think of how to guarantee it in less moves...nicely done
  3. Pickett

    HAHA...AI beat me to the EXACT same solution (if you read both of ours, they are almost identical)...nice...
  4. Pickett

    i can explain if you want DING DING DING!! we have a winner! Well done!!!
  5. Pickett

    Alas, that is incorrect...let's review what we know:
  6. Pickett

    Nope, one of my earlier responses said that it was a person (and it's not Edmond Haley either ) No, it does not... Nope, someone guessed him earlier...not correct Yes, yes it is... OK, now that it is officially a "hot topic"...I'll give a small hint:
  7. Pickett

    That would be Johnson...and no, and no I'll add another stanza or two soon...but I'm going to let this keep going a bit longer :c)
  8. Pickett

    I actually like your answer. But you are correct in that that doesn't meet all the criteria...as a result, it is not the correct answer. Well thought out answer, though...
  9. Pickett

    WOW!!!!!!! THAT'S AMAZING!!! Nope, it's not...sorry
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