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  1. Pickett

    Just wondering if you could show an example of each of these...I think you're on the right track (maybe even have it the same as mine...but I'm just not following your description fully)
  2. Pickett

    Hmm...interesting solution. Different than the solution I came up with...
  3. Pickett

    I also just wrote a program to show the results of my solution the die problem as well:
  4. Pickett

    Hmm...definitely not what I was thinking, but I suppose if there was absolutely no bias and perfect accuracy, that could work...but I definitely wouldn't let someone else do the flipping for me in this case...What I am thinking of makes it completely fair no matter who is flipping the coin.
  5. Pickett

    Just to show what I mean...I wrote a simple program to demonstrate that it can be done:
  6. Pickett

    How do you know how many times would be needed to ensure a fair outcome? What if I'm not flipping against someone...I just have a decision I need to make, and I assign heads to one option, tails to another...how can I use this unfair coin to get a fair outcome for my decision?
  7. Pickett

    But what if you don't know p...You just know that it doesn't equal 0.5?
  8. Pickett

    So, this one is pretty easy... How can you get a fair (equal probability) outcome using only an unfair coin (where unfair means that it will land head with probability p and tails 1-p where p != .5)? Another similar one: How can you get a fair outcome using only a loaded/weighted die (where loaded/weighted means that it will land one one number more often than any other)?
  9. Pickett

    Not a trick question:
  10. Pickett

    Yeah, I see numbers 1, 3, 4 (thanks to sachins), 5, 6, and 7...but yeah, 2 is eluding me right now...hmm...
  11. that's awesome...I love "e"...it's great. This was a great puzzle. Thanks!
  12. Alright, so, I solved this one the way I solve almost any problem now...I just wrote a program to do it... Here are the results:
  13. Pickett

    I guess for starters:
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