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    This one has been done before on these forums just using different words (swindlecants and honestants, etc...)... Here's one of them...
  2. Pickett

    But wait...on the first page...I put that as the answer for #4:
  3. Pickett

    Bah...rene beat me to it...:c)
  4. Pickett

    , but I don't see how they relate to the rest of the clue. Fascinating!
  5. Pickett

    It is true that technically speaking there are no PROVEN Lychrel numbers. There have been no mathematical proofs saying that all numbers will become palindromes, and none that say certain ones never will... HOWEVER...Some people have spent a LOT of money working on these numbers (especially 196)...they have gone through millions of iterations and taken the number out to over 300 million digits and still no palindrome. And when you stop to think about it probabilistically, the larger the number becomes the less likely it will ever become a palindrome. There are plenty of websites out there that are "devoted" to Lychrel numbers and the search for palindromes...so, you could just do a search for Lychrel 196 or something and find these sites. I don't know who thought of this whole process...but Wade VanLandingham came up with the Lychrel numbers (or at least the name for them)... I wrote a simple program to determine which numbers become palindromes...and so, that's probably how someone figured out that most of them were NOT Lychrel numbers. Hope this provides some insight.
  6. Pickett

    Yes! Well done!
  7. Pickett

    well I didn't want to post my explanation right away in case it was correct and people didn't want to have the answer right in front of them...I just mean that if it is correct, then voltage would know that I knew how I got them... However...if you're REALLY curious (since it may not even be correct):
  8. Pickett

    hmmmm...I suppose it probably would continue infinitely (I know it goes quite a bit further), but I have no way of proving that...my hint still has some other key points...the Cheryl part has been figured out....
  9. Pickett

    wasn't planning on it...I figured you would know I knew it just by that...
  10. Pickett

    hmm...Lychrel = Cheryl all messed up doesn't it...nice catch...but what exactly?
  11. Pickett

    I would love to hear your explanation...but no, that's not what I came up with... I can guess your explanation is that the numbers repeat like ABAB, but after one repeat, the "A"s move down 2 and the "B"s move up 2...but that isn't correct...i can put the next few numbers up (which would show that isn't the case)...but like I said, I'll leave it for a bit to see what else people come up with. P.S. please use spoilers
  12. Pickett

    0, 0, 0, 0 is in fact incorrect... The clue is very helpful...if you can decipher it :c) some of you are slowly on the right track...I won't say any thing else for a little bit to see what people come up with... (and i'm a "he" not "they")
  13. Pickett

    Don't bother Googling it What are the next few numbers? 99, 99, 99, 99, 97, 2, 97, 2... If you need a hint...
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