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Asylum Mafia


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You are now entering Brainden City Asylum. My only advice is...beware.




The Killers (baddies): Wincon: kill the Sane

Homicidal Psychotic: Night kill (must agree with other baddie on whom to kill)

Homicidal Maniac: same as HP


The Sane: Wincon: lynch baddies, release Hypochondriac

Asylum Guard: 3x lynch vote

Psychologist: release player from asylum/Night save


The Patients ("goodies"): Wincon: individual release from asylum

Pyromaniac: block

Schizophrenic: trap

Multiple Personality Disorder sufferer: 2x Night role act (cannot save or kill)

Hallucinator: redirect

Paranoiac: survive being killed (either by lynch or NK) one time

Compulsive Liar: can put one lie in the host's post each Day/Night cycle (not N1)


The Pretender (Indy): Wincon: stay alive in asylum until game ends

Hypochondriac: role copy each Night (cannot save or kill)




-Compulsive Liar and Paranoiac not affected by OOA


Host: Asylum Warden: Kikacat123
Co-host: Deputy Warden: nana77
1. bonanova
2. Flamebirde
3. plasmid
4. araver
5. Marksmanjay
6. phil1882
7. onetruth
8. Boquise
9. Auramyna
10. Barcallica
11. mtamburini

1. akaslickster


All players must confirm before the game starts. Roles will be given out shortly afterwards. If you have questions, write them in green so bright it hurts your eyes. Thank you!

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Bringing forward some answers to questions etc. from signups into this thread so everyone's on the same page:
In the event of one of the Sane being killed, the MPD takes over the dead Sane's wincon and role.
NK cannot be affected by any actions except save.
The psychologist can, if they wish, choose one player per Day, ("bonanova" for example) and PM with their wish to release them.
2x night role act means they can act as two Night roles, e.g. block and redirect, if they can identify the players. They use this action the same night, yes.
Sane and Killers have BTSC until one of the Sane dies, in which case the MPD-turned Sane will not have BTSC with the remaining Sane. Killers always have BTSC. 
More questions:
What events would cause the game to end? All of the Baddies or all of the Sane (including multiple personality if he becomes Sane) leaving the game?
For the Baddies' wincon: If the psychologist gets redirected to himself so he gets released from the asylum, does he count as released but not dead and therefore make it impossible for the baddies to win? If the MPD turns Sane, do the baddies need to kill MPD or just the two original Sanes?
For the Sane' wincon: If a baddie gets released from the asylum, or if the last baddie gives up and NKs himself (which would generally be very poor form except in extreme cases), would it be unwinnable for the Sane because the baddies couldn't all be lynched?
For the Indy: Does he name a player and get their ability, or name a role and get their ability, or have to RID a player to get their ability?
Can the indy or multiple personality guy use the abilities of a dead player?
Also voting to lynch Barc -- I spied him and he's a baddie.
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The game ends when all Sane or all Killers die.

The Psychologist's release power is a Day role, and redirection is a Night role, so the Psychologist can't be redirected to release him/herself.

The Killers must kill the original Sane and the MPD.

If a Killer is released, the Sane do lose. The Killers cannot kill themselves, though.

The Indy will say, "I want to copy Flamebirde's role," for example.

Dead players cannot have their abilities be used by others.

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What does RID mean?





NK barc= you kill barc

RID kill Barc as Psychologist= you kill barc if only barc is psychologist (you should know the role of a player you are acting on to succeed, or guess correctly) 

Edited by Barcallica
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What does RID mean?





NK barc= you kill barc

RID kill Barc as Psychologist= you kill barc if only barc is psychologist (you should know the role of a player you are acting on to succeed, or guess correctly) 



The idea being that you don't want barc to die if you're wrong about his being the psych?

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RID abilities generally are given to the baddies or indies and do something nasty to the target (usually kill) and serve as a way of preventing goodies from rampantly outing their roles in order to narrow down the baddies. But this game's mechanics are quite different from most games; the goodies will probably not really want to out their roles anyway because they'll want to try to make it look like they're the hypochondriac to get themselves released by the psychiatrist.

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I have always wanted to ask this.


May I be added to BTSC?


Also, can you explain what "release" means? Does a released player leave the game alive?


BTSC in this game is just going to be PMing to the host who will pass it on to the receiving player. You can be the intermediary for the Sane, and I'll do the Killers, and we can share information, if that's okay with you.

Release is when the Psychologist says, sometime during the day, "I want to release plasmid." (As an example). Plasmid will leave the game alive after casting his lynch vote. He cannot post anymore in the game, just like if he was dead, but if he is a Patient, he is a "winner," and receives an according congratulatory post.


can you post in the thread when you send out the roles? thanks.

Sure. I just need the rest of the players to confirm first.
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Is that IRL you, boq?

marksmanjay is jay gold?


Yeah. It is a 5 year old picture. Made a thread at a different forum and said that the 100th post decides what my next profile picture is. Some rascal managed to snag the 100th and had dugged this up. I was surprised.


And nah marksmanjay aint Jay Gold

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Let me get this straight:

1) if D1 and D2 baddies are lynched and Hypo is released, does game stop with Sane winning and all remaining goodies losing since they were not released? Just an example, basicaly when game stops with Sane win, do remaming patients win or lose?

2) if a goodie/patient dies before a sane releases him, does he still lose even if baddies are killed in the end?

3) What happens with votes on a player that is released e.g. five minutes before the day ends? You mention the player release still has a chance to vote before leaving.

4) the hypo and sane cannot tie win right? (since one must stay and the others must make him leave)

5) if hypo dies or is lynched, what incentive do the Sane have since they already lost? Shouldn't they have an alternate wincon? (e.g release X sane. Since any other type of wincon does not make them try to release anyone, hnce Goodies are stuck with no wincon either)

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1) Unless the Psychologist released the Hypochondriac on the day the last Killer was lynched, the Psychologist must use their release power on that final day to release one Patient, the Patient who they decide was the most skillful player. This way, at least one Patient will win. Otherwise, nobody wins except the Sane.

2) A Patient loses if they die, regardless of the end outcome.

3) The votes on that player are negated.

4) The Hypochondriac and Sane cannot both win.

5) If the Hypochondriac is lynched, the Sane automatically lose, because they would become aware of his/her role in the Day post. However, if the Hypochondriac is NKed, the Sane can still win if they lynch the Killers, because there would be no way for them to realize that the NKed player was the Hypochondriac anyway.

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