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  1. I'll start. Vote Plas. *glare* Thanks for the save!!!
  2. Plas, I was blocked twice, but I submitted an action every night. What you are saying is not adding up.
  3. I don't feel great about this, but I'll vote araver. Please change my vote.
  4. I'm not sure enough to vote araver. Of course, if plas is good nana and araver must be stopped.
  5. Plas, why did it take so long to claim araver was lying about acting on you?
  6. Kik, I don't have much to offer. I was blocked twice and my actions haven't been very meaningful. I don't think. I can't easily give more information without outing myself completely.
  7. I don't necessarily trust araver at all, but I'll vote for plas for now.
  8. Dr. Fate: Y-San 1) Phil1882 -kikacat 2) Nana77 - voting for Kikacat 3) bonanova - voting for Two-a-day 4) tolecnal - DEAD [Martian Manhunter] lynched 5) flamebirde - DEAD [Hawkgirl] killed by Supervillains 6) onetruth - voting for dee 7) dee_tot - voting for Kikacat 8) plasmid - voting for dee 9) TwoaDay 10) Kikacat123 - voting for Phil 11) Araver - voting for Kikacat 12) Barca - voting for Nana I have no info, so I'm willing to change my vote. To whomever keeps blocking me: Meh.
  9. That was a pretty fast bandwagon. Almost too fast. Does anyone have an decisive reason to vote for Kika? And Kika, can you defend a little better than that?
  10. Araver, I can't out myself, but I will say that I can be valuable. Other than that, I have no info. I was blocked night 1, and my action was successful (though possibly useless) last night.
  11. Kik: A baddie would probably not risk narrowing down a role to oke that belongs to another player.
  12. Okay, I'm not in the camp that is clearing Nana, but what the heck??? Can someone clear up the votes? I guess, add my vote to Tole because it makes slightly more sense than Nana. Then again, Nana could totally be bad. She's fooled me before. :/
  13. Someone please put me down to vote for Phil, since I really have no clue who to vote for at the moment.
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