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  1. form: 36^k - 5^m

    Now to prove your answer is the smallest. Last digit of result always is 1. We should prove it cannot be 1. 36k =5m+1, left side is dividable by 4. Right side is not.
  2. form: 36^k - 5^m

    k=1 m=-infinite (though -infinite is not real number)
  3. form: 36^k - 5^m

    k=1 m=2 smallest 11.
  4. form: 36^k - 5^m

    You mean smallest natural?
  5. The n-gon eats out

    I was following the topic to see the solution to this seemingly simple but very interesting problem. And very nice solution by plasmid. Even school kids could understand without any trouble.
  6. Pour over this

  7. I'm not Jonah

    I never try these riddles due to the language /and culture/ incompetency. Could it be drug tablet. I am not sure if I understand the sentences accurately.
  8. Marked Hat

  9. Marked Hat

  10. Removing pawns - the game

    This is incorrect. This is correct.
  11. Marked Hat