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Round 2

Minority Voter Game

In this very special division, you shall be simulating candidates, vying for votes on an uniformly distributed cyclic (i.e wraps around) spectrum. But, in this game, the goal is to get the fewest voters.

Voters will vote for the candidate that is the closest to them on the spectrum. The spectrum will be quantified by integer degrees, 0 to 359. The distance between 359 and 0 is 1.

For each vote, each player will PM me an integer between 0 and 359 (inclusive), which is the position they wish to take. If multiple players choose the same position, they will divide the number of voters that position has equally (it is possible to have non-integer voters). After the vote is tallied, all candidates who have the median number of voters or greater will be eliminated, and the next vote will commence, until there are 2 or fewer candidates remaining.

Each player who is eliminated in the first round will incur a debt of 100mil BD$. Each player who is eliminated in the second round will incur a debt of 50mil BD$. The winner or winners (last 2 or less standing) candidates will divide the winnings gained from these debts equally.

As always, players are free to discuss with each other via the thread or in PM (CC me please ;)). At the end of the round, players who have a positive balance for the round may choose to give any amount in whole BD$ to any other player(s).

The first vote will take place at 9pm US central time on Monday 2/18. This voting period will be elongated to allow time for players to consider and/or discuss. Subsequent voting periods will last 24 hours. Players must PM me their positions for the voting period before each deadline or else they will be eliminated.

Round 2 starts now! Good luck.

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You don't vote, you're a candidate, all players are. So if you're on 10 and there are other candidates on 13 and 7, you would get AVG(13,10)-AVG(10,7)=11.5-8.5=3 voters.

Edit: There is no actual voting, rather, you're simulating a vote based on your positions on the 'political' spectrum.

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An addendum and a few clarifications:

If there are no players with numbers of voters below the median, then the vote is scrapped the the period is done over.

Only the last player or two players standing will be awarded (considered 'winners'), and the amount to be divided among them will be the sum of the debts incurred by eliminated players in the first and second voting periods.

Only players below the median number of voters will move on, players with the median number of voters or above will be eliminated. Like the minority rule game reverses the goal of majority rule which is normal in real life, the minority voter game reverses the goal of the majority voter (i.e. candidates for elections trying to get as many voters as possible in real life).

Please feel free to ask any questions. (I realize this is probably pretty confusing for anyone who has not taken as many game-theory-disguised-as-poli-sci classes as I have ;))

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Here is my crude attempt to demonstrate pictorially...


The circle represents the spectrum of 'voters', all those closest to R will vote for R(red), all those closest to B will vote for B(blue), all those closest to G will vote for G(green). In this case B has the fewest voters, i.e. smallest portion of the spectrum, so B would win the minority voter game.

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to help clear up confusion, perhaps it would hep us if i gave an example.

player# 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

political# 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128

voters 116.5 1.5 3 6 12 24 48 148 (based off a quick calculation in my head)

who would be eliminated? based on my understanding, it would be the first 4 people. Median is 18 so 1,6,7,8 would be eliminated.

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Framm 179

Phil 178.5
Molly Mae 2.5

Molly Mae is the winner, wins 650mil BD$! Framm, Phil, and Jay accrue a debt of 50mil BD$ each.

1. Molly Mae +721

2. Brainiac100 +1
3. Framm -33
4. Phil -50
4. Marksmanjay -50
6. Rob_Gandy -89
7. Panther -105
8. DudleyDude -100
8. Auramyna -100
10. Flamebirde -145

Congrats to the winner! Valiant effort on many parts. If any money is to gifted, please PM me at your earliest convenience.

Sign-ups for round 3 open!

Liar Game BD Round 3






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