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In Other Words...

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hey hey you two. two for two, nice. - see, i thought you guys might be lurking there somewhere or at least cheking in now and again. wonder if there's not others, too. got this feeling if all signed in when they peeked things might pick up a bit here. new content, too. have certainly been guilty myself. and could be an easy resolution to keep, hmmn. maybe need to start a new thread or continue Aaryan's and add onto Slick's suggestions. but the premise of that thread is more than a little negative. oh well, just a post Hogmanay crapulous rant. thanks for the responses. keep 'em coming. and Happy New Year!

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Fall in Love

Yeah, I have been kind of sporadically checking in, going to try and come on a bit more often though. I still love your puzzles, how have you been?

that's it and thanks. am also trying to carve out a little more Den time. lost my job and have started my own business all in this last year which has kept me away more than i would like. especially from making new puzzles. hopefully over the hump now.

hole in one
And because I don't like to follow rules too closely
helpin' hand
I could also do with posting some more. For now, one that's not so tough as to scare away all but the seasoned veterans.

right and right on. like your second one better than mine. wish i had been that clever. enjoying your latest.

Hey, hey, pg.Hope you are well. Bit rusty here, but got one to try.

Top of the Pops?

not it, my friend. all's well on this end, thanks. wishing the same for you and yours. if you care to, a quick email to Rookie will get your old account up and running but could get used to the @.

All in One?

sorry brainiac, not that - get the connection for you first word but would need some persuasion with the second.

Stay in Touch

well how do MoMa - appropriate choice in a couple of ways. good to see you back.

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hey hey phaze and Wilson (welcome back again) - fraid your responses dont fit in with the theme. and Thalia - gonna say half right, nope and correct3.

Take Heed

Cut Gem - Etched (or Carved) in Stone by Framm 18

Box Score - Case in Point by Thalia

Pop Fuzz

Aid Worker - Helpin' Hand by plasmid -or- Hand in Hand by Thalia

Good Measure

Remain Put - Stand (or Stay) in Place by Thalia

Primo Coke

Hollow Sole - Hole in One by plasmid

Group Dynamics

Confederate Offence - Partner in Crime by Thalia

Maintain Pressure - Stay (or Keep) in Touch by Molly Mae

Descent Sex - Fall in Love by Framm 18

Fee Form

Date Date

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hey MoMa - your first one matches mine but not your second one above.

and phil - all of the clues follow a rule hinted at in the title and similar to some previous puzzles linked in the OP. you need to find synonyms for each word of the two word clues that make a common phrase with "in" interjected between.

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Party in Power

well phaze - that certainly fits all the criteria and different than mine so certainly an acceptable alternative - good stuff

Bear in mind?

there's the second half Thalia - nice

24hrs in a day?

works and guess could be an alternative but going for single word synonyms but maybe

Possibly Day in Time/History?

yet another perfectly good alternate answer and half the same as mine.

first in line?

"Just Say No!"

now you've obviously cleared out the old cobwebs - well done, Wilson

Three hots and a cot.

payment in kind?

and another - such fun knowing you got it before opening up the spoilers - and without spoiling it - clever as always.

Think that leaves only Pop Fuzz and perhaps alternatives for Group Dynamics and Date Date if there's any interest in those. Or any other alternative answers, of course.

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