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The Speed Riddle

Go to solution Solved by Rob_Gandy,


Expect to differentiate,

First, though, correlate,

Find the relation,

For the equation,

You may see there lurks,

Exponents at work,

Fairly quickly wrote,

From elegance remote,

Under extreme duress,

Frantic with stress,

Begotten this riddle was.

What am I?

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By 'device' I don't mean like a physical device, I mean 'device' like 'literary device', 'plot device', "left up to his own devices", etc. Basically a trick, if you will, that you must perform to the riddle or parts of the riddle itself.

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Nay once more, you have yet to score!

This was written pretty fast, so the device is something pretty straightforward, although it might require multiple steps


Also, seeing how much I like couplets, isn't it odd that the number of lines is just that...odd?

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Okay, in case anyone actually wants to solve this:

To make the previous hint more clear: what happens to an exponent when you differentiate?

Take that, and the first hint.

Now if you're still confused: read what you have out loud ;P

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Alright, for the sake of the next the series ever coming out:

Take the first letter of each line.

Look like gibberish to you? Well...

What happens when you differentiate an exponent? Do the same to each letter.

Still look like gibberish to you?

Read out loud.


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