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Unicorn: Not what I had in mind, but it kind of works.

Molly Mae: Not what I had in mind; can you please explain your reasoning?

Sure thing.

(Spoiler title is a Dalek reference...)

Born of the earth,

Esteemed second daughter,

My belly of fire

Was pierced by the water.

The first line indicates that the subject of the riddle is made by man (Selene as a goddess or as a vessel fit this line.

The second line again fits doubly, as Selene the goddess was the second daughter of Hyperion and Theia (Selene is the younger sister of Helios, the Sun). The lunar orbiter is the second lunar orbiter from Japan.

Lines three and four regard the orbiter, referring primarily to its standard method of propulsion and that it was crashed into the moon (ka-boom!) in the same fashion as LCROSS (which discovered water on the moon).

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Titanic, second of three sister ships, sank on her "maiden" voyage having her hull (belly where engineworks are) pierced by ice. Good riddle!

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