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I abide with the dear and departed above. -afterworld... or sky?... i'm going with sky

At the start of a breath, and the closing of love. - um being born? life?.... then second part.... sadness? death?

I've the power to separate heart, soul, and mind --......interesting power there O_o.... yh all i can think of is religious stuff... -_-

Beware! As you meet me, Death follows behind! reveals answer but god knows what that is...

am i anywhere near anything?

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(I've given clues to the people who have posted since my last visit. Please ONLY peek at the clue you've earned. If you want a clue, make another guess!)

With each of these answers, your error increases.

Behold! In an instant, I'll sever in pieces

The rest of your age, the whole of your time,

And the sweep of your fate (be it rude or sublime.)

Behind ev'ry widow, there's surely a Death,

But what widow rides with the start of a breath?

No widow can separate heart, soul, and mind.

(But seek me right now, and you'll certainly find.)

Though this is my favorite answer thus far,

The logic is ever-so-slightly bizarre.

Speech separates heart, soul, and mind? That's absurd;

If you hear me at all, it's because I'm unheard!

A hospital's there at the start of your breath;

A hospital surely is haunted by Death.

And yet, such a place can be nothing like me,

For I can cut heart, soul, and mind into three.

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Sheesh this riddle has stumped me for the longest time. My guess after I posted that was


but I still have trouble with the separation of heart, soul, and mind. hmmm still have some thinking to do :huh: maybe?


abide with the dear and departed above = rain

at the start of breath = oxygen the closing of love = rose/flower represents love

power to separate heart, soul, and mind = it doesnt have any of the 3

death follows behind = hard one but poisonous or people who die receive flowers

its a long shot but its the only thing i could think of for now >.>

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