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TMM V: Council of War

Molly Mae

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Trainer Manual Mafia - Council of War



From Dairy of Jan Lucas:



June 1942


I don't know how I got in there, neither would I ponder. Seems like a dream now. But a harsher path lay ahead. If all things go as planned, I would be able to take away the Allied Blue Document, the Battle plan.

I am tired now. So tired. Only for the Motherland I had undertaken this journey. For my Comrades who in me have trust, and the very trust is my sole support now.

The vile Churchill with his friend Franklin Roosevelt and Manuel Ávila Camacho are meeting. If reports are right, then Marian Rejewski, Joseph Stalin and Bernard L. Montgomery with their Australian friend Robert Menzies would be there as well. And yes, the Frenchman, De Gaulle, I presume would be there too..

And just to plan the destruction of the Motherland?

Ha! it is their own destruction that they plan. Finn has already made it to the Council, and there would be Brigadier General Joseph Bran, a helpful fellow indeed. And I, the proud Nazi, Jan Lucas.

Never was their a chance to serve the Motherland better.

The very son of the soil would bring the doom of the enemies closer


....Perish in the Attempt


Baddies (Mafia): Nazi spies and sympathists. Have BTSC and a NightKill.

WinCon: Send information back to Germany after systematically eliminating the allied council.

- Brigadier General Joseph Bran: A British General who has secretly turned against his country and been severely affected by Nazi propoganda. When spied, he appears as a random living Goodie.

- Finn Niklas: A silver-tongued advisor who specialises in subtle Nazi propoganda. His words may intrigue those he speaks with. (Block)

- Jan Lucas: German supporter sent to keep Lucas safe. He may make his own vote count as x0 or x1.

Goodies (Innocents): A dedicated war council headed by Winston Churchill in London planning a Allied Raid.

WinCon: To get rid of the Baddies by lynching them all during the day.

- Bernard L. Montgomery: A veteran officer of the British Army, skilled in military strategy. He had learned much throughout the war Ability: Ability: Can save a player each night. Can save self. (Save)

- Franklin Roosevelt: American President and military planner. His opinion is regarded with much respect. He may make his own vote count as x1 or x2. (Self vote manip).

- Marian Rejewski: Polish mathematician and cryptologist who cracked the Enigma Machine. Through his own efforts, he can see the true role of any player. (Role Spy)

- Joseph Stalin: Premier of the Soviet Union who joined the Allies after Germany violated their non-aggression pact. Ability: No action (Vanilla)

- Manuel Ávila Camacho: Mexican President and Allied supporter. Ability: No action (Vanilla).

- Robert Menzies: Austrailian Prime Minister loyal to Churchill, but he refuses to directly contribute to any assault in Europe. Ability: No action (Vanilla)

- Charles de Gaulle: The veteran of two wars, the grand figure head of France. Ability: No Action (Vanilla)


NK > Block > Spy > Save (> NK*)

NK is not blockable, but can be stopped if the Save correctly identifies the target of the NK.

Tie Lynch: D1 = No lynch. Any other day is random among tied players.

Cycles will end at 1 PM EDT.

Winston Churchill: Anon26

Queen Victoria: Molly Mae

1. Petrus

2. tolecnal

3. Nana7

4. TheCube

5. mboon

6. Slick

7. Zweefer

8. km1

9. Bong

A. Artificial


1. Hidden G

2. Aaryan

3. Auramyna


1. Auramyna

2. Akriti

3. Shadow7

4. Thalia

5. KlueMaster

6. Araver

N1 will last 48+ hours, in order to give time for some players to confirm.

Edited by Molly Mae
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The signup was under newbie mafia signup. They used that for the first 5 trainer games and will for the next one too. Anon recently told someone else they could be backup here so you probably can too.

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With HPY3 coming to a close...

TMM-V has started. Night one will end Friday, 21 July at 1 PM EDT (about 25 hours from right now).

Scum rule is in effect for the weekend*: N1 is ending tomorrow so D1 can end on Sunday at 1 PM EDT.

Please submit all actions in the PM we've sent you. Post all final actions in red.

Now I have to go warn Anon...


*Note: Scum rule means cycles are twice normal length on the weekends.

Edited by Molly Mae
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