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  1. Nice going guys, and seriously sorry for not having an action for N3 and N4 because of messaging issues.
  2. :/ I should have just self voted, especially since I can't send messages. Goddammit! And of course I won't die tonight 'cause no baddie would kill a useless player :/ Gah. Aaryan, if I am not getting replaced, we need to figure out how I can send my actions.
  3. Question: Who is actually active?
  4. Gvg, I defended you, and of course they kill Psyko and may it seem like me, jeez. And someone please post in red (cause I can't) and tell Aaryan to replace me or there will be no action on my part, like last night, for the rest of the game because I can't send messages due to technical difficulties!
  5. Why do you think that Psyko? Have you not read my post? Gosh! I can't pm my action for tonight, everyone pm's their actions. Seriously Psyko, I thought you had better logic than that.
  6. Aaryan, I think you'll have to replace me, I can't seem to send messages on my phone, sorry about this :/
  7. I am not a baddie and the "proof" for it is terrible. I RNG voted Flame and people went with it, that was just luck. As for Minecraft not acting (right? Or is that we can't see his action?), well Psyko was blocked so you can't just assume it was me. Also what kind of baddie doesn't know the name and the actions of all the baddies? Isn't that just idiotic? Well, I don't and I am not an idiot. I just don't really want to go look at the first post because it will take forever on my phone and I do not want to text this again :/. And please don't think I am being defensive, it's just that I would rather not waste actions, it's not productive. Also I don't think gvg is a baddie because it was a tie vote the first day meaning baddies didn't care who was lynched.
  8. Nice job guys!! And no I am not a baddie, though if you want o RID me as Minecraft or the other one (I don't remember what it is and am not going to look 'cause this is on my phone and it's really difficult to look back) So woot woot!
  9. Oh no! That really sucks especially since Flame hadn't even defended herself
  10. Well I suggest someone who'll be up before 11 am EST tomorrow, and that's not me (most likely anyway). 'Night all.
  11. Well that was a waste, and RNG says: Host: Aaryan 1. marksmanjay 2. MiKi 3. psykomakia - Trapped by Monopoly 4. MikeD 5. gvg 6. EDM 7. Flamebirde 8. mew 9. Molly Mae - Trapped by Chess 10. Hidden G - voting for Miki 11. mboon - voting for Flamebride 12. TheCube DEAD: 13. curr3nt - Killed Night 1 by the Baddies Backups: 1. Thalia 2. Brainiac100 3.
  12. ...this is going to be hilarious
  13. mboon

    Board Game Mafia

    Me too, but there isn't Go :/
  14. mboon

    Board Game Mafia

    Host: Aaryan 1. marksmanjay - nickname: jay 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Brainiac100 10. 11. mboon 12. 13. Count me in XD
  15. @Brainy, yeah I knew you weren't, I was just playing along Damn, I gotta say a lot of what happened is my fault for being a bad vote manip, especially since I knew from the start it was Mike and Psyko (Well since Cube outed Mike anyway) :/ Good game
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